Heart Breaker, dream maker (louis' babe)

Im Olivia rose and this is my story


4. Chapter 4

   Olivia's P.O.V

       I was sitting on my couch when the door bell rang. I huffed and walked to the door and opened it, "Olivia why didn't you tell me you where going on a date with Louis!" Skylar screamed and pushed her way into the house. " It's not that important, he probably just wants me for sex" I said to her as I closed the door. "Do you know how he got my number anyways?" I asked as I plopped on the couch next to her. " I gave it to him... now lets get you ready to go on your date!" as she said that she pulled me up and dragged me into my room.


Sky handed me a towel and banished me into the bathroom, as I stripped from my clothes I heard banging in my closet. I wrapped the towel around my body and walked to my closet seeing Sky standing there and a pile of my clothes at her feet, "what are you doing" I asked her, "I'm picking out you outfit, what does it look like" she said in a duh tone and put her hands on her hips. "it looks like your trashing my room" with that I turned around and walked back to the bathroom. I turned on the water and stepped in. Turning off the water I stepped out and dried my body and opened the door. I stepped out into my room and saw a beautiful dress. As I slipped on the dress Sky walked in and gasped, "you picked out the dress so if I look like shit it's all your fault" I said as I looked into a full body mirror. "No you look HOOTTT" she paused "and hey..I pick out amazing things"

Sky blow dried my hair and straitened my semi-wavy hair. She turned me around and started on my makeup luckily I don't have to wear foundation. After about 20 minuets she turned me around, I looked in the mirror and smiled I had a natural eye shadow and a light pink lip. I stood up and grabbed a pair of flats. I also grabbed a clutch and put my phone and money in. Right as my foot hit the last step the doorbell rang. being sky she bolted down the stairs an ran to the door. "Hi Louis" she turned "OLIVIAAAAAA" she screamed but i was already behind her "Shush I know" I turned to Louis to see him in a dress shirt and pants. As my eyes made my way to his face his eyes were already on me...

"Hi beautiful" Louis smirked.


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