Heart Breaker, dream maker (louis' babe)

Im Olivia rose and this is my story


3. Chapter 3

 Olivia P.O.V

     i walked through the door of my bedroom and set my bag on my desk, i walk into my bathroom and remove the days makeup, i strolled out going to my dresser and pulling out a pair of fuzzy pj bottoms and one of my dads' oversized t-shirts. Pulling my hair into a loose bun i shuffle over to my desk and taking out tonight's homework. i mentally groan when i reach my last page of homework, i looked at it trying to remember if i had caught any words Mrs. Wheatbox had said, i sighed and shoved it into my folder. i made my way to my bed, grabbing my laptop and sitting down. i log on and check my skype. 

   (A/N i'm sorry but i had to do this... my skype friends this part is for you :p) *345 unread messages* i roll my eyes at the title of the chat "FaCe RaPe" i laugh and read through some of the messages. i stop scrolling when i see two of my friends talking  and fangirling at the same time. i type "Hey" in to the chat, then there was a knock at the door.

    "Come in," i saw loudly enough so the person on the other side of the door could here me. My mother pops her head in, looks around until her eyes land on me.

    "Dinners ready," she said and opened my door fully, i close my laptop and walk towards the kitchen, once i step into the kitchen a waft of pasta hits my face. mmhm my favorite. i sit down across from my sister and grab my fork and dig into my pasta. i mumble with food im my mouth "this is really good mom" but it comes out like "ghis thigfd realffy gooud. "Dont chew with your mouth open Olivia" my mother says and takes another bite of her food. i rolled my eyes and continued eating, once i was done i picked up my plate and place it in the sink, i wipe my mouth and throw the napkin away. i thank my mother for dinner and walk back to my room. Once i close the door i don't feel like i needed to be proper anymore like when i eat. i plop down on my bed and slide my laptop open *40 unread messages* i click on the chat and reply to the messages, i notice that they where in a call so i decided to join. i'm greeted with one of my friends singing really off key, i laugh and they stoppped singing "Olive where have you been my friend says in a motherly tone "ive been stripping what else would i be doing" "True, very true my friend" she says. 

   We talk for a couple of hours and i check the time "9:45" "hey guys i'm going to go school tomorrow and all that jazz. we bid our goodbyes and goodnights and set my laptop on my bedside table. i get up walk to the bathroom and brush my teeth, once i walked back into my room my phone lit up *1 new message* i walk over to it put my passcode in.

* You me dinner date tomorrow at 7, wear something nice ;) - LT *

i look at it for a few good seconds and i realized who had sent me the message..



Opps lelelel cliffhanger  hehe 

But i would like to shout out to my skype friends Lizard,Bri, Olivia, and Kaleb 

Yall are cool


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