Summer Love

Emily's on a vacation with her 2 Best Friends Sophie and Gemma,On her Holiday she meets a Gorgeous Boy named Louis Tomlinson,But with her Past coming back to Haunt her,Will she be able to fall in Love again?


20. The Beach.

No-one's P.O.V-

Louis and Emily were heading off to the Beach for the next thing on the List,The beach! Emily Loved the beach,she loved the sand between between her toes and jumping over the waves,It made her remember when she was little if she didn't jump over the waves she lost,She missed those days! Her and Louis ran down the sandy hill together,almost tripping up and going headfirst in the sand! They both spent many hours jumping over waves,building sandcastles,Dancing on the sand,Playing tag again and eating lots of ice cream! Emily loved the beach so much and hadn't really had the chance to be on it this holiday,which was a shame!

It was 2:00pm by the time Louis and Emily left the beach,Grinning away as they usually did together. They went back to the poolside hand in hand to see how everyone was doing before they headed out into town for Louis to spoil his girl.

Louis-"Hey Guys!" Louis called out to the Group in the pool.

Harry-"Hey Lovebirds!"

Danielle-"How did it go?"

Emily-"Well we haven't finished yet,But magical so far!"

Gemma-"That's good!"

Zayn-"Hey,Come in and join us for abit!"

Louis-"We'd Love to,But i'm taking emily into town to Spoil her" He grinned whilst looking at Emily.

Liam-"awh! well have fun guys!"

Niall-"Oo,Lou,Could you pick me up one of them Rainbow dummies please? They don't do any here!"

Louis-"Sure Niall,anyone else want some?"

They all shook there head.

Emily-"Okay,well,See you later!" They all waved goodbye and Louis and Emily headed off out of the hotel.

The town wasn't that far from the hotel,so they walked,it only took them 10 minutes or so! When they got into the town,It was quite busy,There were people everywhere,mostly tourists!

Louis-"Where do you wanna go first hun?"

Emily-"Wherever you want!" She smiled.

Louis-"This is YOUR shopping trip,we can go wherever you want!"

Emily-"Urm,How about in that Little shopping center?"


Emily and Louis had an incredible time shopping together,Louis spoilt her so much,Emily felt really bad at first,But then she realised he was was doing all this because he loved her,and that as the highlight of everything he was doing! After they had shopped and shopped and shopped,

Louis-"Babe,We haven't really eaten lunch today,How about we go eat somewhere?"

Emily-"You've already spent enough on me today baby?"

Louis-"Don't worry about that,I just want my girl to be Happy,Come on,Let's go eat! How about a Maccies?"


After Emily and Louis had tucked into there Big Macs and Strawberry Milkshakes,They headed back to the hotel,this time taking a taxi because of all the bags they had!

Emily-"I can't believe we got a his and hers onesie,there so cute!" She chuckled.

Louis-"I know,haha!"

Emily leaned her head on his shoulder as the taxi took them back to there Hotel.

Back at the Hotel-

It was 4:00 by the time they got back,They quickly took there shopping back to there rooms and went down to see there friends.

Perrie-"Hey Guys,your back!"

Sophie-"Did you have fun?" They nodded.

Niall-"Oo,Oo! Did you get my Rainbow Dummie?" He said excited.

Emily-"Yep,But we put the stuff in the Hotel Room"

Danielle-"What did you get?"

Louis-"A lot,We'll show you later!"

Gemma-"You guys coming in?"

Louis-"I will! How about you Em?"

Emily-"I will in a minute,I just need to put more suncream on!" She smiled.

Louis-"Need any help?" He smiled.

Emily-"Yes please Baby!"

When Louis had finished helping Emily put on some more sun cream,They both joined there friends in a 'Who can hold there breath the longest under water' Contest.



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