Summer Love

Emily's on a vacation with her 2 Best Friends Sophie and Gemma,On her Holiday she meets a Gorgeous Boy named Louis Tomlinson,But with her Past coming back to Haunt her,Will she be able to fall in Love again?


19. Stole my Heart.

No-one's P.O.V-

Louis and Emily walked over to the quite bench area of the hotel,the sight was breathtaking. It was so peaceful and quiet,Surrounded by Flowers and Butterflies,it was perfect! There was a big fountain right in the middle,with birds bathing inside,and right by that fountain,lay a Big red blanket,with a rose in the middle,and a picnic basket. Emily stepped forwards towards the picnic,and gasped in surprise while Louis quickly grabbed the bunch of roses from under the nearby tree he left. Louis stepped forwards next to her and put the roses infront of her face and she turned to face him,He took her hand and said.

Louis-"Em,I want to make the most of being with you,and i'm going to do everything i can to make sure you have the best 3 days of your Life!"

Emily-"Awh Lou,your so sweet!" Giving him a passionate kiss on the lips,She loved him so much!

Louis-"Haha,so shall we?" whilst handing her the roses.

Emily-"We shall!" Whilst smelling the roses.

Emily-"These are beautiful Lou,Thankyou!"

Louis-"It's okay,I know there your favorite flowers" He smiled.

Emily-"How do you know that?" She smiled back.

Louis-"All girls Love roses" He smiled as he took her hand and walked together towards the picnic.

Louis took out lots of Emily's favorite food,He knew her so well!

Louis-"Okay so we've got Chocolate,Fruit salad,Ham sandwiches,Jelly tots,Crisps,Pepperoni pizza and little Chicken pieces!"

Emily-"All my favorite Food,But How?"

Louis-"Well,you know when we've been to the Hotel shop and at Dinner,I noticed the food you Love,so,i put some of it together!"

Emily-"your the sweetest!" Whilst hugging his neck tight.

Louis-"I told you,These 3 days are going to be the best days you'll ever have!"

Emily-"Any days with you will be the best i'll ever had"

Louis-"Awh,Okay,Shall we eat? Oo,I also brought you your favorite champagne!"

Emily-"Lou! How could you afford this?!"

Louis-"It doesn't matter about the price,all that matters is spoiling my Girl" while tucking about of her hair behind her ear.

The picnic was an amazing start to there day together,they laughed,they ate,they messed about,they had food fights,It was like them tumblr couples. After there picnic,they felt a little childish,they took there shoes off and decided to play tag.

Emily-"Okay,your it!" She laughed and started to run barefooted away from Lou.

Louis-"I'll get you!" He laughed while she squealed!

Emily slowed down,Louis grabbed hold of her waist and spun her around while she giggled,and then they fell in a heap on the floor on the blanket. Emily lay in Louis arms while looking up at the sky together,Louis kissed her head,breathing deeply from running.

Emily-"That one looks like an elephant!"

Louis-"and that one Looks like a fish!"

Emily laughed.

Louis-"And that one looks like a heart,and you've stole mine<3"

They both smiled,Never wanting that moment to end,ever.





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