Summer Love

Emily's on a vacation with her 2 Best Friends Sophie and Gemma,On her Holiday she meets a Gorgeous Boy named Louis Tomlinson,But with her Past coming back to Haunt her,Will she be able to fall in Love again?


24. Shopping!

No-one's P.O.V-

The girls headed out into town shopping whilst the boys chilled out by the pool in await for them to arrive back to spend time with them again. The girls kissed there boys goodbye,climbed into a taxi-As it was way too hot to walk! and headed to the town with a 5 minute drive. Since they hadn't spent very much because the boys had been treating them,they had plenty left to splash and have fun!

Sophie-"As much as i do love them,I'm glad we've got to spend the day together,just us girls!"

Emily-"yeah,i agree! It'll cheer us up alot!"

They all giggled and sat back in the taxi with there earphones in and the music up.

* * * *

Meanwhile at the hotel, The boys were relaxing down by the pool thinking about the girls..

Niall-"What are we going to do about the girls?"

Harry-"What do you mean?"

Niall-"Well we can't just leave it like this..can we?"

Liam-"Don't worry about it guys,you'll get through it! But if you can't live without them then talk to them,That's why i'm glad i've got Danielle!"

Niall-"Speaking of Danielle,Where is she and Perrie?"

Zayn-"They've gone too aerobics,they were going to go with Em,Soph and Gem but they thought they would get too hot!"

Harry-"Oh Right! Lou,you haven't really spoke much,everything okay?" He looked over and saw Louis writing something on a piece of paper.

Niall-"Whatcha writing der?"

Louis didn't speak and just handed over the paper to the boys. Inside it read-


Before this holiday i never thought i'd meet someone as incredible as you. You've completely changed my life in a matter of 2 weeks and i'm so glad you came on this holiday,because if you hadn't my life wouldn't be complete. Your my whole world and i never want that to change. I'm writing this because i want you to know how much you mean to me,which is more than you could ever know. I'm writing this because i just need to say that i can't let you go..I've wrote it down because i probably couldn't get the words out in person and i'd be speechless i have that much to say. I want to spend the rest of my life with you Emily,i really really do. The question is,do you want to spend it with me? We can go through a whole adventure which is life together. I want to hold you in my arms and for you to be mine until we die and after that. See my smile? Your one of the reasons it's there and without you,it wouldn't be there anymore. Your so perfect and i cannot live without you,i just can't. What i'm trying to say is-Will you come with me after this holiday is over? I don't just want this to be a summer romance,i want it to be forever. And if that means fighting for you than that's what i'll do,anything for you to stay with me for the rest of our days. I Love you so much Emily.

Love,Lou X

Niall-"Wow Lou,Just,wow!

Harry-"I'm Speechless. That's truly Beautiful Lou!"

Liam-"This is amazing!"

Zayn-"Brilliant! Btw,Does anyone want to buy the Little Mix album?"

All together-"NO!"

They all Laughed.

Louis-"I hope it will make her see how much i care and Love her,whatever it takes."

* * * * *

Meanwhile the girls were 'Shopping till there dropping' and enjoying the day together. They were now in this 'Passion' shop,which had plenty of clothes they liked.

Emily-"Hey guys,how about this top?" While putting it to her chest.

Sophie-"Love it,It suits you!"

Gemma-"Oh..My..God! I LOVE this dress!" Pointing to it and feeling the material whilst looking at the girls,completely shocked at it too.

Emily-"That's Gorgeous!"

Sophie-"How much is it?!" She squeeled.

Gemma-"Only $40,Shall we all get one?"

Emily-"Yes,yes,yes!" She squealed as they all headed to the counter with bags full of shopping and aching arms!

Afterwards,the girls headed for a restaurant to eat and give there arms a rest. They were all spent out mostly on themselves and something for there family's and there Boys. They'd all had a brilliant day together catching up,laughing etc. They loved it!





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