Summer Love

Emily's on a vacation with her 2 Best Friends Sophie and Gemma,On her Holiday she meets a Gorgeous Boy named Louis Tomlinson,But with her Past coming back to Haunt her,Will she be able to fall in Love again?


16. Please don't cry!

Louis's P.O.V-

I knew today would be hard,I wasn't ready to face Emily yet. Harry was right,i knew he was,I Just wouldn't believe it,I couldn't believe it..So i decided to make the Most of being with Emily,By creating a list of things i wanted to do with her before we went our seperate ways. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen,and this is what i wrote;

Making the Most with Emily.

1.Take a Long walk on the Beach at Night.

2.Take her on a Romantic dinner.

3.Take her shopping and spoil her.

4.Write her a Love letter.

5.Mess around on the beach.

6.Have a Picnic by the Fountain spot.

7.Have a Little Picnic on the Beach with Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Champagne.

Louis folded the paper over,Put it in his pocket and ran out to catch the rest of the Boys,and to see his Beautiful Girlfriend.


Later that Day-

The Group of Friends were all Chilling on the Sunbeds for the day,after having a busy time already,they just wanted to lie in the Sun and make the most of it. Emily was lying back in the Sunbed,when she felt pancake breath in her face,She opened her eyes and found Louis sat there smiling at her,She smiled Back,confused?

Louis-"I Love watching you Sleep"

Emily-"Freak!" She joked.

Louis-"Well if i'm a freak,you won't want to kiss me anymore,will you?" He teased.

Emily-"No!" Louis turned around and Emily quickly grabbed his face and gave him a Big,Long kiss. It was another I Love you kisses. Louis climbed over to lie on the Sunbed with Emily,She lay on his chest,never wanting to leave! She rubbed her hands up and down his abs,she loved them! Louis stroked her soft hair,He loved the smell,Strawberrys!

Liam-"Guys,How about we sign up for go-carting tomorrow? It sounds fun!"


Gemma-"Me and Sophie need to get the drinks in anyway"

Harry-"Okay,so i guess everyone's going!"

Louis-"Urm,Me and Em will sit this one out,To make sure no-one takes anything,you know?"

Danielle-"Okay,sure,We'll see you in abit then!"

Perrie-"Does everyone want the Summer cocktail again?" They nodd.

Emily-"See you in abit guys!"

Emily knew Louis just said that as an excuse,What he really meant was he wanted to talk..It was amazing how well she knew him,Even in the matter of 2 weeks!

Emily-"Baby,are you alright?"

Louis-"Em,you know i Love you so much,Right? But,were leaving in 4 days,and-"

Emily sat up,Crossed legged and stared at Louis,Looking like she was about to cry again,Louis took her hand,and stared into her eyes.

Louis-"Baby,Please don't cry,I know it's horrible to think about,I can't bear too! I Love you too much to let you go,But everything will be fine,I promise,Trust me?" He said while pushing her chin up to Look at him and she grabbed hold of his arm.



Louis-"With there only being 4 days left,We need to make the most of it together,okay? So i've made a List,Here" As he Handed her the piece of paper and Emily read them.

Emily-"I'm speechless..Okay,Let's do it!" She beamed.

Louis-"There's my Smile,It Looks so much better on you"

Emily smiled and went to sit on his lap,Louis wrapped his arms around her while she continuously kissed his neck. They Loved each other more than ever! They couldn't wait for the next 4 days,They were going to be...Magical!




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