Summer Love

Emily's on a vacation with her 2 Best Friends Sophie and Gemma,On her Holiday she meets a Gorgeous Boy named Louis Tomlinson,But with her Past coming back to Haunt her,Will she be able to fall in Love again?


2. Love at First Sight..

The Next Day-

No-One's P.O.V-

The Girls were sat in there Hotel room Plastering lots of Suncream on as they all caught the sun really easily! They had all got into there shorts and little t-shirts,had there sun hats and there bags for the day. They couldn't wait to be out in the sun and get a tan,Living in England makes you miss the sun alot! 2 weeks of being in the sun,lush! "Ready Girls? Let's go!"Emily beamed.

They walked down towards the Pool and looked around for some Sunbeds,They found a Gorgeous spot right in the direction of the sun,perfect! They all had a massive smile on the faces as they settled themselves down and started to relax right away.

"Hey Sophie,Could you go grab up some Drinks?"

"Sure,Cokes?" Emily+Gemma Nod.

"Thankyou!"They called out as Sophie walked towards the Pool bar.

Suddenly,Emily caught sight of the most Gorgeous boy she'd ever laid eyes on  straightening up his and some other towels. His abs,His hair,His tattoos,His Smile,His Body,Perfect,She recognized him from somewhere,but she couldn't remember where! Emily had never felt like this before,Not ever since,Well,Her Ex..She stared,She couldn't stop looking at him,It was as if she was drawn to him.She felt a warm feeling spreading through her heart,could this be?No,Wait,Could it?

"Emily,What you staring at?"


Gemma looked over to where Emily seemed to be looking,She gasped.

"Omg,He's perfect! So THAT'S what you've been staring at! I'm not surprised,He's Gorgeous!"

Emily didn't Reply,She was too busy admiring his body.

"Emily?"Gemma clicked her fingers infront of her face.

"Hm,yeah?"Emily replied,Still looking at him.

"Wait,Do you like him?!"Gemma smiled.

"What? Of course not! I still haven't got over,well,him.."

"Emily it's time to Move on from that! There are plenty of other guys out there who would be Lucky you have you,don't put them on hold for your ex! I know it's hard,But you've got to sooner or Later! Admit it,you like him! Well,i mean,who wouldn't?!"

"I know,it's just hard..I suppose,yeah,maybe i do like him,But i don't know anything about this guy!"

"Then get to! Your on Holiday,Enjoy it!"

"Mm,Maybe,But you know what i'm like,I get sh-"

"Heey Guys,Got the drinks!"Sophie called out heading over to us.

"Heey Soph,Thankyou."They Smiled.

"So,what you both talking about?"

Gemma pointed over to the guy we had been staring at,Emily couldn't stop looking at him,He was irresistible.

"WOAH! I've GOT to get me some of that! He is HOT!"Sophie Gasped.

They all Laughed.Sophie+Gemma lay down on the Sunbeds as Emily sipped her Coke,Refreshing!

Just then,The guy she had been staring at for the last 20 minutes,Looked over at her,Sunglasses on,Topless+Smiled at her..






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