Summer Love

Emily's on a vacation with her 2 Best Friends Sophie and Gemma,On her Holiday she meets a Gorgeous Boy named Louis Tomlinson,But with her Past coming back to Haunt her,Will she be able to fall in Love again?


17. It's just the Start Baby.

No-one's P.O.V-

For the rest of the day everyone just ate,swam,drank and relaxed! Everyone forgot about leaving in 4 days and just had fun together,they all knew they were going to miss each other,but,that was 4 day away,it seemed ages to them,well,that's what they were hoping..

Perrie spotted an ice cream truck across the pool.

Perrie-"Who's up for Ice Cream?"



Zayn-"Not me Thanks Babe,Lunch filled me up! I might have one later,and someone needs to watch the stuff anyway!"

Perrie-"Okay gorg,Let's go everyone else!"

Afterwards,Rather than eating there ice cream's,They all messed around with them with each other,Having ice cream fight's and covering people in ice cream!

Danielle-"Anyone want to come swimming with me?"

Perrie-"I wouldn't mind going for a swim,The sun's made me all hot!"

Zayn-"That's what it's meant to do Babe!" and Perrie slapped him softly.

Perrie-"you know what i mean!"

Louis-"I'll go,How about you Em?"

Emily-"Maybe later" she smiled.

Niall-"Come on Em,were all going!"

Emily-"I might come join you after,I'm comfy here"

Louis-"Okay" Giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

As everyone else wandered over and dived into the pool,Emily lay back again on the Sunbed,putting on her sunglasses and sipping abit of her cocktail,However,she didn't expect what was going to happen next. Louis had planned to sneak up behind her,pick her up and chuck her in pool! Emily drifted off to sleep in no time,She always fell asleep in the sun,It comforted her and made her sleepy.

5 minutes later,Louis jumped out of the pool,quickly dried himself off abit so water wouldn't splash on Emily and wake her up. He walked behind her,Picked her up slowly,as he did so,Emily woke up confused as he held her over the pool!

Emily-"What's going on?..Wait,Lou,Don't!"

Louis-"3,2,1" and chucked her in lightly!

The group of friends laughed and Louis followed in after Emily. Emily rose up from the water coughing and Louis grabbed on to her and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Louis-"You okay babe?" While brushing her wet hair from her face.

Emily-"No! you idiot!"

Louis-"Awh come on,It was just a laugh!" He said whilst chuckling.

Emily rested her head on his chest,out of breath from being surprised from being chucked into the pool.

Emily-"I know" She laughed.

Harry-"Hey,How about we get the Lilos out? We haven't used them yet! Remember we brought one each the other day when we went into the town?"

Liam-"yeah sure! I'll help you!"

Niall-"Me too!"

The couples lay on the Lilos together,Laughing and chatting away in each other's arms,it really was a dream summer romance,one that they wanted to never end.


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