Summer Love

Emily's on a vacation with her 2 Best Friends Sophie and Gemma,On her Holiday she meets a Gorgeous Boy named Louis Tomlinson,But with her Past coming back to Haunt her,Will she be able to fall in Love again?


10. I Love you.

No-one's P.O.V-

After the Pool activities,Everyone chilled out on the Sunbeds,Getting dry as they'd spent 5 hours in the pool!

Niall-"Maybe we should all go to dinner tonight?"

Gemma-"Yeah,we'd Love to! Wouldn't we girls?" Emily and Sophie nodded.

Gemma really had a thing for Niall,she loved everything about him! Sophie had a thing for Harry,They just connected so well! Liam and Zayn already had girlfriends back at home,so they didn't feel left out!

Sophie-"Em,It's your turn to get the drinks hun!"

Liam-"Oh yeah,you too Lou!"

Emily and Louis both got up and walked over to the bar together,Smiling.

Zayn-"There's something going on with those two,Anyone else agree?"

Harry-"yeah definitely,there's something going on!"

Gemma-"We'll ask Em later in the Room,I'm sure she'll tell us!"

Liam-"We'll try and get it out of Lou too!"


Louis-"About before,In the pool,I'm sorry if i made you uncomfortable or anything.."

Emily-"No,you didn't at all,It was,Great!"

Louis-"Okay,Good,I really like you you know Emily"

Emily-"I really like you too:')"

Louis-"you do? Really?" Emily nodded and they both smiled,They looked so happy together! Louis put his hand closer to Emily's and put his fingers in the spaces of hers,She holded back,the moment was perfect. Emily had finally moved on from the past,and was looking to the future,maybe even a future with Louis..


Sophie-"Oh my god guys,LOOK!" She pointed and everyone turned to Look,They all gasped!

Gemma-"Awh! They Look so cute together,Finally,Em's moved on from the past!"

Niall-"Good on them! What happened in her past?"

Gemma-"Well,She had a really bad relationship with her Ex a couple of months ago,They'd been together a year and he'd been cheating on her for 6 months,it knocked her confidence with guys and ever since she hasn't been able to trust them,But now,with Louis,She's a completely different person!"

Liam-"Wow,Really? That's terrible..That would NEVER happen with Lou,He's a great guy! They'd be perfect together!"

As Louis+Emily walked over,Everybody went silent,They were still holding hands and they looked like they'd known each other forever.

Louis-"Here you go guys,Fresh drink!" As he passed them out to everyone.


Everybody lay back in there Sunbeds and Sipped there drinks as they admired the Hotel,Louis and Emily looked at each other,Sunglasses on,And smiled,It was one of them 'I Love you' smiles:')





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