Summer Love

Emily's on a vacation with her 2 Best Friends Sophie and Gemma,On her Holiday she meets a Gorgeous Boy named Louis Tomlinson,But with her Past coming back to Haunt her,Will she be able to fall in Love again?


12. Goodnight Kiss.

Louis's P.O.V-

I couldn't wait to see Emily again,I could imagine how beautiful she'd look,as she always does! Today i felt like we really connected+became closer,and became something to each other. That kiss,That kiss was memorable! I remember her soft lips crashing against mine,There was so much passion there,I could tell by the kiss that she Loved me back,Like i love her.

Harry-"Hey Lou,Are you gonna give it a shot with Emily?"

Louis-"yeah,i think so! She's great,Perfect infact!"

Liam-"Well,it's good to see you happy again Lou!"

Louis-"Thanks guys!"

Niall-"Come on guys,Let's go,I'm STARVING!"

Zayn-"Niall,you had a packet of crisps 15 minutes ago!"

Niall-"Exactly! Starving!" They all Laughed.

No-one's P.O.V-

The boys saw a Beautiful spot in the corner of the outside part of the dining room overlooking the Pool and Sky,It was the perfect spot! They hurried over to the table so no-one would take there spot and sat down,Louis saved a Seat for Emily,Niall saved a seat for Gemma,Harry saved a seat for Sophie and Liam+Zayn sat together,they didn't mind at all,because they couldn't wait to see there girls tomorow!

Harry-"Liam,Zayn,you looking forward to seeing Danielle+Perrie tomorow?"

Zayn-"I can't wait,I've missed her loads!"

Liam-"Me too,But with Danielle,Not Perrie! Though i have missed our wacky conversations together!"

Louis's eye caught sight of the girls across the room,and then Emily caught sight of him and started walking over with Gemma+Sophie behind her.

Louis's P.O.V-

Emily looked stunning,which wasn't surprising,she always was! I couldn't believe how lucky i was,to be on holiday with a Beautiful girl like her,I haven't felt like this,since,well,anyone! She's the first girl i've ever really loved,and i hope she can be my last!

Emily's P.O.V-

I was looking forward to tonight,i would have the chance to talk to Louis properly,and i was hungry,haha! Louis was gorgeously dressed,In his chinos,stripped t-shirt and braces(The ones that go over your t-shirt) and his white converses! I saw he had saved a seat for me+sat down holding my dress so not to get creased.

No-one's P.O.V-

Louis-"Wow,you look Beautiful Emily!" He grinned.

Emily-"Awh,Thankyou,you look Beautiful too!" She laughed.

Louis-"Why thankyou,i do try;)"

Niall-"Come on Guys,Let's get some FOOD!"

When they've all sat down after getting there food-

Harry-"So girls,How long are you here for?"

Gemma-"Urm,12 days now!"

Niall-"Us too! Which plane are you boarding?"

Sophie-"Thomas cook,what about you guys?"

Louis-"us too,haha!"

Emily-"Niall,that's a big plate you've got there!"

Zayn-"It really isn't for Niall!"

Liam-"Nope,That's nothing to Niall!"

They all kept Chatting+getting along really well,They were all like Best friends and they'd known each other forever,not 2 days!

After the Meal-

Louis-"Em,would you like to walk around the Hotel with me?"

Emily-"I'd Love to!" She smiled.

Emily-"Girls,i'll see you back at the hotel,If your going to the hotel shop,get me some chocolate please?Haha! Night Everyone!" and with that,she hugged everyone goodbye and walked off,Hand in hand with Louis:')

Emily's P.O.V-

Me+Louis walked around the Hotel and stood on the bridge above the pool,It was so romantic,Louis stroked me hair,I felt my heart skip.

Louis-"Em,I'm not really good with words,But when it comes to you,I feel like i can say anything in the world! I just need to say,That the moment i met you i fell in Love with you,I know it may sound stupid,But i did,I haven't been this happy in ages,When i look at you,I can't stop smiling,to know that i'm here with the most beautiful girl in the world,Because that's what you are Em,your kind,sweet,Loving,gorgeous,your perfect! I can see it in your eyes that you love me back,and i really Love you em,i do,I Love you!"

Emily-"Lou,That's the most romantic thing anyone's ever said to me,It's not stupid,it's cute! The truth is,with my past,i haven't really trusted guys,after what happened,I know you'd never be like that,But that's just how it's been,and the truth is Louis,I Love you too:')"

Louis-"What happened? It's okay if you don't want to tell me!"

Emily-"Well,A few months ago,I had been with my ex a year then,and i found out he'd been cheating on me for 6 months,Everything was going great and well,and then i found out he'd been cheating,It knocked my confidence alot,I haven't been able to trust a guy since,Until i ran into you,The guy who makes me smile more than anything and Loves me more than ever,I Love you Lou!"

Louis-"That's terrible! Who would that? Especially to a girl like you! He didn't deserve you,your far better,I Love you too Beautiful X"

Emily-"So,where do we go from here?"

Louis-"Well,this is cringey to say,But,Em,Would you do me the highest honours of being with me?"He Laughed.

Emily-"Hmm,I Would Love too!"She Laughed back.

They both smiled,Happier than ever.

Louis wrapped his arms around Emily's waist and Emily wrapped her arms around his Neck,They both leaned in,And shared a passionate kiss. That moment was perfect,Nothing could ruin it! The kiss lasted a while,but they didn't mind,they wanted it to last forever,they wanted to stay in each others arms and stay together always! Louis stroked Emily's hair again and held her hand whilst letting go off the kiss.

Louis-"I'll walk you back to your hotel room Beautiful"

She smiled and showed him the way to her hotel room,grasping his hand whilst doing so,never wanting to let to,She felt safe with Louis,Safe and protected.

Emily-"This is my Room" she pointed.

Louis-"Were only down the hall:')"


Emily leaned in to give Louis a kiss and he kissed back,grabbing her waist. She pulled away,otherwise she'd miss him more.

Emily-"I'll miss you" She laughed.

Louis-"I'll miss you too Beautiful" He smiled:')

Emily blew him a kiss goodbye and let go of his Hand.

Louis+Emily-"I Love you" They said at the same time+Laughed Afterwards.



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