Summer Love

Emily's on a vacation with her 2 Best Friends Sophie and Gemma,On her Holiday she meets a Gorgeous Boy named Louis Tomlinson,But with her Past coming back to Haunt her,Will she be able to fall in Love again?


27. Going home!

It was 3:00am and everybody was up and getting ready to leave. As tired as they were, they couldn't wait for there lives after this knowing what was about to happen for them.

Sophie- "I still can't get over last night!"

Emily- "Me neither, i feel like crying!"

Gemma-"Same here,ahh!"

Emily-"It was so nice of Zayn and Liam, i thanked them about 30 times last night!"

They all chuckled.


They all headed for the airport and were soon waving goodbye to beautiful Majorca and Hello to rainy England! They just wanted to go back!

Finally, they grabbed there luggage and headed out into the cold towards home. The plan was to the couples to meet in a week and look at houses, which they could not wait for! There new lives were just beginning and everything was perfect. They had all arranged to meet up in 4 weeks time or as soon as possible to catch up and discuss everything!


*1 year later*

A year had passed, and everything was great. Louis and Emily were engaged.

Harry and Gemma were expecting a beautiful baby boy.

Niall and Sophie were married.

Zayn and Perrie were also engaged!

Liam and Danielle sadly broke up, but is now happy with another called Sophia which the girls adored!

To something that started off as a 2 week holiday, turned into a lifelong journey of happiness. So much had happened in that 2 weeks that no-one would ever forget-the start of friendships, relationships and the perfect life they had always dreamed off.

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