Summer Love

Emily's on a vacation with her 2 Best Friends Sophie and Gemma,On her Holiday she meets a Gorgeous Boy named Louis Tomlinson,But with her Past coming back to Haunt her,Will she be able to fall in Love again?


21. Don't forget me?

No-one's P.O.V-

Everyone were back in there Hotel rooms getting ready for dinner again. Emily was really looking forward to finishing off there List together! She put on her Blue skater skirt,Her favorite top,Baby blue vans. For accessories she put on her silver star necklace,collection of bracelets and little red heart earrings!

Gemma-"What you dressed up so nice for?"

Emily-"Lou's taking me on a Romantic Dinner and then a Little picnic on the Beach!"


Gemma-"Lou's so adorable!"

Emily-"yeah,they all are!"

They all Smiled and carried on talking about the boys,forgetting tomorrow would be the last night with them. After a while the girls went down to meet the rest of the group while Emily waited for Louis to come collect her,as he told her to wait!

10 minutes after the girls had left,Louis finally turned up to Emily's hotel room!

Emily's P.O.V-

I opened the door and greeted the door to Lou,Stood there in a Gorgeous suit with a bunch of roses and a Bottle of my favorite white wine!

Louis-"Hello Gorgeous" He said with a Smile.

Emily-"Hello! Wow,Lou you didn't have to do all this!"

Louis-"I told you,I was going to treat you well and spoil you,and i am!"

Emily-"Awh,you look amazing! My baby in a suit!"

Louis-"Haha,Shall we get started?" Whilst putting his arm out for me to put mine around it.

Emily-"We shall!

I grabbed the room key and headed off with Lou arm in arm,Excited and happy.

Emily-"Where are we going Lou?"

Louis-"You'll see"

We headed across the other side of the Hotel and wandered over a little bridge,and in front of us layed a wooden blocked area with a Table in the middle covered in a Lovely white cloth. On the table it had a Candle,A Rose,2 place settings and 2 Lovely silk chairs,Surrounding the area were Lovely candles and Roses to light up the Mood,We were looking at the table through a Beautiful Flower arch.

Emily-"Wow,Lou,This is perfect! How did you do all this?"

Louis-"Got a little help from the Hotel,you like it?"

Emily-"I Love it! While walking over to the table.

I noticed there was a balcony looking over an amazing beach view,Showing an amazing sunset. I put both hands on the Balcony and Stared over at the Beautiful view,I had never seen one like it! Suddenly i felt 2 hands grasp around my waist and Lou kissed my neck. I took out my camera and snapped a few shots of the View,I couldn't miss this opportunity!

Louis-"Could i use that for a minute?"


Louis took my camera and took some photos of me and him together,I bet we looked so cute together! He set it to a timer and took photos with his arms around me,His arms around my waist,Him kissing my cheek,Us Kissing,and plenty more,At least i had more memories of this holiday. After that he took some on his phone,so that he wouldn't forget too.

Louis-"Shall we get started?" He said while putting the stereo on which he had hidden under a bush.

Emily-"I'd Love too!"

They both walked over and sat down together. The whole night was perfect, They always had something to talk about, they were always laughing together and having fun.

After the meal they both headed down to the beach, the beach that night was amazing! There was a beautiful night sky filled with stars and a perfect dark blue sky. Down the beach was a photographer and took a few shots of Louis and Emily together by the water under the stars!

That night Louis and Emily enjoyed a night on the beach filled with Laughs, Cuddles, Memories, Messing around and smiling. They both had never been so happy.

Louis took Emily through to another part of the beach and there sat an orchestra playing Music, roses and Candles where they danced together, smiling away.


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