Summer Love

Emily's on a vacation with her 2 Best Friends Sophie and Gemma,On her Holiday she meets a Gorgeous Boy named Louis Tomlinson,But with her Past coming back to Haunt her,Will she be able to fall in Love again?


15. Days flying By..

No-one's P.O.V-

The days flew by and it felt like they'd all known each other months,They had all hungout everyday,and things couldn't be better! Danielle and Perrie had arrived and all the girls got on,They were all happy being with the people they Love and Care about,Life was perfect! They'd been shopping,On the boats,Skydiving,Parachuting,Swimming,Dancing,all sorts! They'd been having so much fun,they didn't realize there was only 4 days left until they had to head home,and even if they did realize it,they hated thinking about it,Because that meant leaving the people they Love more than anything,Especially there Lovers,and that hurt them more than anything..

*In the Hotel Room in the Morning*

Harry-"Guys,I Just realised something.." Everyone turned to Look at Harry,Curious.

Harry-"This isn't really aimed at Liam and Zayn so you can carry on,But,We only have 4 days left with the girls.." His voice turned cold and sad,Waking up to the realization..

Louis-"Don't,I really don't want to think about it,Let alone talk about it.."

Harry-"Lou,you've got to think about it,It'll make it easier for when the day comes,I know we all can't bear to think about it,but we have no choice! We HAVE to Let go!"

Louis-"No! We don't! What if i don't want to let go? What if i want to stay with Emily for the rest of my Life?!"

Harry-"You don't mean that?"

Louis-I do! I want to stay with Emily for the rest of my Life,She's the one,And i intend to stay with her,We Love each other,I can't let her go! Not now,I Love her too much!"

Harry-"Lou,I Love Sophie just as much as you Love Em,But we have to go our separate ways now,Our summer romance is over.."

Louis didn't respond.

Niall-"I don't want to leave Gem.." He whispered.

Harry-"It'll be alright Niall,Stay strong,we all have to,For the girls,alright?"

They all Nod in agreement.


The Girls Hotel room-

Sophie-"I can't believe there's only 4 days left! Where's the time gone? It feels like yesterday we got here! It's been an amazing holiday though,We've made so many friends and memories and well,It's gonna be hard to let them go.."

Gemma-"Don't Soph,I'll start crying again.."

Sophie-"Wait,you've been crying?!"

Gemma-"yeah,I've got so close to Niall,He's amazing,I Love him so much,I can't imagine life without him,It's going to be hard to go back to normal.."

Emily-"STOP! Please! I don't want to think of Life without Louis! For the first time in my Life i've never been so happy! I Never want this holiday to be over! Just please,Can we just take it as it goes? We'll talk about it together in 4 days,Just,please,I can't leave Louis.." Emily started to cry,this was too much for her to handle. Gemma and Sophie hurried over to Emily and hugged her,She broke down in there arms. There were moments of silence as Gemma and Sophie started to cry too. Eventually they all pulled away and rubbed the tears from there eyes and sorted themselves out,they gave each other a little smile and all walked back into the bathroom to redo there make up.

Gemma-"It'll be okay you know.."

Emily-"I Hope so,But when the day comes,I'm going to break down,Because it's going to go from seeing him every single day to never seeing him again,and it breaks my heart,I know you girls will feel the same about Harry and Niall,Why do we have to go through this!"Looking like she was about to cry again..

Sophie-"Hey,Hey! No more tears girls,okay? It'll be fine,we'll talk with the boys and sort something out! Let's make the most of our 4 days left,Let's have fun and Be with our boys,okay? Smile!:D"

Gemma-"yeah,your right! It'll be fine,Em?Are you in?"

Em-"Yeah,No more tears,Just enjoy the rest of our holiday!" She let out a Smile.

They all Smiled,and headed out for the rest of the day,Making the most of every moment,and making it all count.


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