Summer Love

Emily's on a vacation with her 2 Best Friends Sophie and Gemma,On her Holiday she meets a Gorgeous Boy named Louis Tomlinson,But with her Past coming back to Haunt her,Will she be able to fall in Love again?


14. Cute Couples!

No-one's P.O.V-

The girls headed down to Breakfast where they were created by 5 enthusiastic boys,Louis headed towards Emily and gave her a peck on the Lips "Good morning beautiful"He smiled. "Morning" She grinned. They were all sat around the table,Talking away as usual! Louis had his arm around Emily and she had her arm around his waist,Emily was like a completely new person around Louis,she was confident and happy,it was amazing the turn around!

Harry-"So,you guys together now?"

Louis and Emily nodded,happily.

Sophie-"Well,were all really happy for you! Aren't we guys?" They all nod in response.

Emily-"So,Zayn,Liam,When's Danielle and Perrie getting here?"

Liam-"Sometime this afternoon,About 12-1"

Zayn-"But we probably won't see them until dinner,they'll be too tired!"

Niall-"Let's go get some food,I'm marvin!"

Whilst everyone else was in the outside area grabbing the English breakfast,Emily and Louis were standing around the toast area. Louis was messing around and plopped some butter on Emily's nose.

Emily-"Heey!" She laughed,Getting a Load of Butter and flicking it back at him,getting it down his shirt.

Louis-*Gasp* "That's it!" And rubbed a load of butter in Emily's Face.

Emily-"Okay,Okay! you win!"She smiled.

Louis wrapped his arms around Emily's shoulders and kissed her cheek whilst smiling,Emily grabbed onto his arms holding them there,feeling safe in his arms,She loved his arms,His muscles made her shiver,in a good way! She couldn't help but stare at his muscles,and Louis noticed.

Louis-"You like my muscles,huh?"

Emily-"You bet i do" She grinned.

Louis-"Yeah? Well i Like everything about you!"

Emily-"Oh yeah? Well i LOVE everything about you!"

Louis-"Same here Beautiful,I never thought i'd meet someone as perfect as you,But i have,and you make me smile more than ever,and i Love that,I Love you."

Emily-"I Love you too Baby,I don't want to let you go,But when we leave-" She was cut off by Louis.

Louis-"Shh,Don't think about that,I can't bear too think about ever leaving you,We'll think about that when it comes to it okay?"

Emily-"Okay,and she kissed his cheek"

Louis-"So,how about we actually but butter on some toast,eh?" He laughed.

Emily-"Haha,Good idea!"


Over at the table,The others had been watching Emily and Louis for the past 15 minutes,They couldn't believe how cute they looked!

Gemma-"Wow,there so cute together! Awh,I'm so Jealous!"

Sophie-"Me too!"

Niall-"Urm,Gemma,Could i talk to you over there please?"


Harry-"yeah,Soph,Could i have a word with you too please?"


The girls were lost,what could it be? They sounded pretty nervous!

Liam-"So it's just Zayn,2 Lonely men!"

Zayn-"Not for Long,Thank god!"



Niall-"So,urm,Gem,I just have to say,I'm crazy about you! Every time i look at you and talk to you,I can't stop smiling! I really Love you Gem,and that's what i had to say,Okay,Now i'm REALLY embarrassed,But i think,your the one for me!"

Gemma-"Awh,Niall! That's so sweet! Don't be embarrassed! You should only be embarrassed if i didn't Love you back,and i do! I really Love you Niall,I think your the one for me too:')"

Niall-"Really? So,urm,i don't really know how to say this,Haha!"

Gemma-"Let me,Niall,Will you be my Summer Romance?:')"

Niall-"Definitely!" They both smiled,and before they knew it,They were kissing,In front of the pancake stand,Niall's dream place to be kissed by his dream girl."


Meanwhile,Sophie and Harry were stood on the other side of the room,Looking down at the pool from the balcony.


Sophie-"Harry wait,Before you say anything,I just want to say,that,well,I Love you! I really do,I never thought i'd feel like this,But i do! I really really like you Harry,I mean,who wouldn't?! Any girl would be lucky to have you,I understand if you don't feel the same,You deserve alot better,I'm not worth yo-" Harry stopped her.

Harry-"Soph,what i wanted to say,was,I Love you too,I have the first time we started to talk,I knew you were the one for me,I'm not doing this because everyone else will have people on this holiday and we'd be the only one's without,It's because i really care about you,Your the Lucky Girl!*He pulled her close* You are worth me,and so much more,Don't talk like that!"

Sophie-"Harry! awh,I'm speechless!" Harry smiled whilst leaning in,To give her a massive,romantic kiss on the Lips.


Louis and Emily walked back to the table,Hand in hand,to find the Boys's (Harry and Niall) arm around there shoulders.

Louis-"Well,well,well,What's going on here?" He laughed.

They all Blushed.

Liam-"Sophie and Harry and Gemma and Niall!" He grinned.

Emily-"Awh,Double Dates!" She joked.

They all Smiled and finished there breakfast's chatting away,again!

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