Summer Love

Emily's on a vacation with her 2 Best Friends Sophie and Gemma,On her Holiday she meets a Gorgeous Boy named Louis Tomlinson,But with her Past coming back to Haunt her,Will she be able to fall in Love again?


5. Connecting..

No-one's P.O.V-

Emily,Gemma and Sophie were back down at the Pool full after there Lunch. They were lying on the Sunbeds in the sun enjoying every moment of it.

Sophie-"Girls,what do you think we should do tomorrow?"

Emily-"I don't mind,i wouldn't mind checking out the area,or exploring the hotel,I really don't mind!"

Gemma-"I don't mind either,Oo,I went past the activities board this morning ,There's loads going on tomorrow!"

Sophie-"Shall we do the activities tomorrow and then explore the area the next day? There's no rush anyway."


They all smiled.

Gemma-"Em,It's your turn to get the drinks!"


Sophie-"I'd like a Fruit Cocktail please!"

Gemma-"Oo,Sounds good! I'll have one too please!"

Emily-"Okay,3 cocktails coming up!"


Emily's P.O.V-

Emily-"3 cocktails please!"

Bartender-"Coming up!"

I smiled Politely:')

I tapped the wooden bar with my Fake nails while waiting. Just then,The beautiful guy appeared next to me. I turned to look at him and caught him looking back,He flashed a smile in my direction,I smiled back and stared into his blue sapphire eyes.

"Hi,I'm Louis" He spoke.

"Hi,I'm Emily"I Smiled.

Louis-"So,Where you from?"


Louis-"Me too! Doncaster!"

Emily-"I don't Live far from there."

Louis-"You like it there?"

Emily-Yeah,apart from the weather!"

Louis-"Haha yeah,that ruins it all!" They smiled.

Wow,He really was perfect..Could he be the one?


Louis's P.O.V-

Emily's amazing. Could anyone be as perfect? I Loved how she was shy,How her hair lay perfectly,How her smile was sweet and Loving,How her personality was,Everything about her. As soon as i laid eyes on her,i knew she was going to be special,and she is. I wonder,does she feel the same?

No-one's P.O.V-

Emily+Louis kept chatting until there drinks arrived,They connected instantly,They were like 2 magnets that fit together perfectly. They got on really well,sparks flew between them.

Bartender-"Here's both your drinks."

Emily+Louis-"Thankyou" They Laughed.

Louis-"Hey,there's these Pool activities going on tomorow,Would you urm,like to go?"

Emily-"yeah,sure,I would Love that"She smiled.

Louis-"Okay,See you there" He Smiled back.


Emily walked over to where Her,Gemma and Sophie were set up. She had a Massive grin on her face,She was so Happy,she couldn't wait for tomorrow!

Emily-"Hey guys,Got the drinks!"She beamed.

Gemma-"Why are you so happy,eh? What took you so long?" She laughed.

Emily-"Well,Louis distracted me!"She beamed.

Sophie-"Who's Louis?!"

Emily-"The guy we saw who is REALLY Hot!"

Sophie+Gemma gasped.


Sophie-"Awh,good for you em! No wonder you got distracted! I mean look at me,He's gorgeous!"

Gemma-"So,what happened?!"

Emily-"Well,We talked and got on really well,and he-well,he asked me if i wanted to them pool activities tomorrow!"

Sophie-"awh! I'm so happy for you em,and jealous aswell! What did you say?!"

Emily-"I said yes,you guys don't mind do you?"

Gemma-"No,of course not! Go have fun!"

Emily-"Thanks guys!:')"

They all Grinned in Happiness.

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