Summer Love

Emily's on a vacation with her 2 Best Friends Sophie and Gemma,On her Holiday she meets a Gorgeous Boy named Louis Tomlinson,But with her Past coming back to Haunt her,Will she be able to fall in Love again?


18. 3 days left..

No-one's P.O.V-

Today was the start of Emily and Louis's making the most of there Holiday left together. 3 days. That was all,The time had gone so quickly,But it had been an unbelievable holiday,filled with hundreds of memories they would all never forget.

Gemma-"Hey Em,Do you fancy going into the town today,Just us girls and spend the last of our Money? We haven't really spent time together just us girls,so,you in with me+soph?"

Emily-"Awh,I would LOVE to,Honestly! But Lou's done this list of things were both going to do to make the most of our time together,and it's going on all day,so,i really can't today,I'm so sorry! Could we do it tomorrow?"

Gemma-"That sounds cool! What sorts of things did it have on the list? and yeah,that's fine! Is it okay if we go shopping tomorrow soph?"

Sophie-"yeah,that's fine with me!"

Emily-"Okay,great! and urm,i can't really remember! I know there was walking on the beach at night,a picnic on the beach and a romantic dinner,there was others but i can't remember!"

Gemma-"Well that sounds great! Good for you Em! I'm glad we've all found someone,I'm really gonna miss them,and we've got so close to them all! Especially Perrie and Danielle,There amazing! I Hope we keep in contact with them all!:')"

Sophie-"Awh,yeah! This holiday has been perfect!"

Emily-"It really has!"

and with that,The girls exited there hotel room,Ready to start the day with a massive smile on there faces!

After Breakfast-

After breakfast the group walked down to the pool area hand in hand with there loved ones.

Louis-"So Em,you Looking forward to today?" He smiled.

Emily-"Yeah,Can't wait to spend the day with my baby!" She smiled back while squeezing his hand tight.

Louis-"Me too Gorgeous!"

The rest of the Group smiled as they watched Lou+Emily stared into each others eyes,Smiling more than ever. They were all so happy for them,They could tell it was going to be hard for them to leave each other when the day came,as it would be with there loved ones,Liam and zayn were Lucky,that they didn't have to leave there's! They all grabbed some drinks for the bar and walked back over to there sunbeds,They all had got an amazing tan! People stared at the Gorgeous boys they were with,Jealous that the Girls were with them!

Within 5 minutes of Being on the Sunbeds-

Louis-"You ready to go Baby?"

Emily-"Definitely" She smiled.

Louis stood up and put his hand out to help Emily up,She took it gratefully and Smiled.

Lou-"We'll see you later guys!" He spoke while putting his arm around Emily's waist.

Everyone else-"Have fun!" They shouted.

And with that,the happy couple walked away together,Hand in hand:')




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