Forbidden Love

17 year old Leah Brooke has always dreamed of going to Yale University. When her big chance arrives, she blows it, but in her hurry to get home, she leaves her phone behind. What happens when a cute british boy finds it?


8. Chapter 8

"Yes. I will." I can't stop smiling uncontrollably. And apparently, neither can he. Harry leans in close to me and plants his lips on top of mine. 

My first boyfriend and my first kiss all in one day. 

Mom would kill me. 


(at home) 

"movie time?" I sit on the couch and look through his movies. 

"How about insidious?" Harry suggests. 

"Never seen that one."

"perfect." He slides it in the DVD player, and sits with me on the couch. The other guys are already sleeping. It's probably 11:00 p.m. 

Harry slides his arm around my waist and pulls me down in front of him so we're spooning. 


This time I actually get through the whole movie without falling asleep, but Harry doesn't. I don't get up because his arms are around me and I wouldn't want to wake him. I might as well sleep on the couch. 




i wake up to Harry stroking my hair and whispering the lyrics to "little things". 

"You'll never love yourself half as much as I loove you..."

i turn my head around and look him in his big green eyes. 

"Howdy." He says. 

"Where's everyone?" I ask. 

"It's already noon. You slept in. The boys are out for lunch." Harry and I sit up. "You hungry?"

"No." I stretch and stand up. "What are we doing today?"

"What do you wanna do?" He grabs my waist and pulls me into his lap. 

"Lets make a list."

"um a list?" 

"Of all the things we should do together." I stand back up and grab a pen. 

1. Watch movies all day. 

Harry laughs.

"we already do that." He says. I shrug. 

2. Make a pizza from scratch. 

3. Kiss in the rain. 

4. Prank the other lads. 

5. Build a fort. 

6. Go to a party. 

7. Get drunk. 

8. Write a song together. 

"I think that's enough." I put the pen down. 

"So is today movie day?" 

"Yep!" I run back to the couch and put in "mama" 

"I've actually never seen this one before." Harry sits next to me. 

"I've seen it four times." I lay my head on his chest and check my phone. 1 missed call from mom. Still no call from Yale. I think we all know what that means. 

But oh well, I have what I want and I'm happy with it. 

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