Forbidden Love

17 year old Leah Brooke has always dreamed of going to Yale University. When her big chance arrives, she blows it, but in her hurry to get home, she leaves her phone behind. What happens when a cute british boy finds it?


6. Chapter 6

"But how are you supposed to get down?" Harry asks from outside my window. 

"I'm not sure." I say. I didn't really think this out. How am I supposed to get down from a two story room?

i start by climbing out the window onto my roof. Then I slide down to the edge. 

"Now what?" I say to Harry. 

"Hang onto the edge of the roof." He says. I do as he says. 

"I'm starting to slip!" I begin to panic. 


"what! Are you crazy!" 

"Don't worry, I'll catch you!" 

I decide to trust him and I relax my fingertips. I close my eyes and fall. 

I land on top of Harry and he falls over into the grass. 

"You okay?" He asks. 

"Yeah are you?" 

"I'm fine." 

"Thanks so much for picking me up." I stand up and brush myself off. 

"Forgot something at my house?" He smirks. 

"Yes." I blush and he takes my hand and leads me into the car. 

"So you're planning another stay at my place?" He asks. 

"No! Don't think that I'm not still mad at you." 

"You can sleep on the couch this time?"

"id rather stay at a hotel." 

He starts the car and speeds off to his place. 

"Suit yourself." He says. 

I realize I'm still wearing his clothes, and I don't have anything to wear for the next few weeks. 

"Well crap." I say. 

"What's wrong babe?"

"I don't have any clothes."

"no problem." Harry makes a sharp left turn and soon we're in a mall parking lot. 

"Oh Harry, you don't have to-"

"just let me." He gets out of his car and I do the same. He puts up his hood and glasses and takes my hand. I yank my hand away and continue walking. 


~skipping the boring mall~ 


we leave the mall with 4 bags of clothes for me. Looks like I kinda took advantage of him. 

"Ready to go back to my place?" Harry asks as we get in the car. 

"We're going there for a minute while I Get my purse, and then I'm going to a hotel."

"okay, okay." The rest of the car ride is pretty much awkward silence. Harry would occasionally turn on the radio and sing along, but other than that, it's quiet. 

After what seems like hours, we pull into Harry's house. 

"Hey that girl is back!" The one in stripes says. I can't quite remember his name. 

"Yes, Louis. Her names Leah." Harry says. "Where are the lads?"

"upstairs." Louis says. 

"Where's my purse?" I turn to Harry. 

"Here." He picks it up off the counter and hands it to me. 

"Thanks. Lets go." I turn to the door. 

"What's the rush? Stay for awhile." Louis says. 

"Yeah, Leah." Harry steps in front of me. 

"Harry, I really don't want to." I try to step around him but he blocks me. 

"We have movies." 

I sigh. He found my weak spot. 

"Alright. Just one movie." 

"Yay!" Louis says from behind me. 

Harry puts "the devil inside" into the DVD player. 

"LIAM ZAYN NIALL WE'RE WATCHING THE DEVIL INSIDE." Louis shouts at the top of his lungs. 

"That's my favorite!" Zayn comes running down the stairs with Niall. They get comfortable on the couch and I sit right next to Niall. 

"Heyyyyyy... Um..." Niall says. 

"Leah." I smile. 

"Hey Leah. Didnt think you were coming back!" Niall says in his thick Irish accent. 


"thought you were another one of Harry's one night stands." Niall chuckles. I shoot Harry a deathly glare. 

"Not even close." I murmur. Soon, Liam comes down the stairs. 

"Guys, I'm not really into scary movies." He says. 

"Come on, watch it with us!" I plead. He smiles weakly and sits on the ouch right next to me. 


"Ahem, Liam, my spot." Harry motions for Liam to move. 

"No I like him here." I grin and hold onto Liam's arm. Louis sits on the other side of Liam which leave no room for Harry. He attempts to sit on my lap, but I push him onto the floor. Harry sighs and presses play. 

Usually, I'm not afraid of scary movies, but when it's based on a true story, I freak out. 

For the majority of the movie, my face is buried in Liam's sleeve. I can tell Harry is jealous, and I'm not gonna lie, he's hot when he's mad. I don't even make it through the whole movie without falling asleep with my head on Liam's lap. 

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