Forbidden Love

17 year old Leah Brooke has always dreamed of going to Yale University. When her big chance arrives, she blows it, but in her hurry to get home, she leaves her phone behind. What happens when a cute british boy finds it?


3. Chapter 3

"Hey gorgeous." Harry says as he helps me out of my car. "That's some car you got there."

"isn't it?" I shut the door behind me. Harry's wearing a simple black tuxedo with a black tie. I'm not gonna lie, he looks incredible in it. 

"You look stunning." He grabs my hand. 

"Why thank you. You're not so bad yourself." I try not to smile too big. This is my first date, which is pretty sad considering I'm 17 years old. All of my friends have had at least 2 boyfriends before, and my mom would kill me if she knew I was out with a boy. 

We go inside and I'm immediately overwhelmed by the fanciness. I've never been in here before since my family can't afford it. There's at least 6 huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and the entire carpet is a deep red color. All the waiters and waitresses are wearing tuxedo- looking outfits. Everyone here looks famous. There are se famous people here actually. What better way to spend a Friday night than at a fancy restaurant in L.A. 

"Table for two please." Harry says to the host. 

"Right this way, sir." He shows us a table right by the window where the view of Los Angeles is perfect. 

We sit down across from each other and the host leaves as the waitress approaches us. 

"Ah, welcome back Mr. Styles!" She says as she hands us menus. "I see you've come back two nights in a row!"

"what can I say? It's the best restaurant in town." Harry grins. 

"And you've brought a lovely lady with you." She looks over at me. 

"I'm Leah." I say with a smile. 

"Nice to meet you!" She turns to Harry again. "Yesterday I told my little girl that I served Harry Styles! Would you mind giving them your autograph?" She hands him a napkin. 

"Of course." Harry signs his name on the napkin. 

"Thank you so much! Can I get you folks something to drink?" 

"I'll take a diet coke please." Harry replies. 

"Water's fine." I say, still smiling. 

"Coming right up!" As soon as she walks away I raise my eyebrows at Harry. 

"Why did she want your autograph?" I say calmly. Harry chuckles. 

"You obviously don't know who I am." He says. 

"What do you mean?" 

"Haven't you ever heard of one direction?"

"I've heard their music, but I've never seen them... Wait a minute." I stare at Harry with my mouth open. "You're in that band?"

He nods slowly.

"why didnt you tell me before?" I ask. 

"I thought every teenage girl knew about us."

"Conceited much?" I joke. 

"Does this change anything?" He asks. "I want a girl who like me for me."

"I liked you before I knew, didn't I?" 

"You tell me." He says. I giggle as the bubbly waitress comes back. 

"Here's your diet coke and your water." She sets out drinks down in front of us. 

"Thanks." I say. 

"Are we ready to order?" She takes out her pad and pen. 

"I'll have the duck and veggies." Harry says. 

"I'll take the fettuccine Alfredo." I hand her my menu and wait for her to walk away again. 

"So what about you? Is there some big secret I should know about?" Harry asks. 

"Not really. I'm pretty boring. Straight A student, graduated early. I have one sister and four brothers but my brothers are all on their own now. I'm hoping I can move out as soon as it's legal." 


"My sister and my mom drive me nuts. My moms a drinker and my sisters always crying over some guy. It's a new one every week. This week some guy had a one night stand with her and his girlfriend walked in during it. What a douche." I say before sipping my water. I look up at Harry and notice him staring at my boobs. I laugh and roll my eyes. I knew this was gonna happen at some point. 

After making some small talk, the waitress comes back with Harry's duck and my pasta. We eat fairly quickly, and soon enough, the night is over. We walk outside holding hands. I don't even notice the paparazzi getting every moment on camera. 

"I really had a good time tonight." I say, looking him in his big emerald eyes. 

"Me too, babe." He kisses my cheek. He begins to turn around when I remember. 

"Wait, Harry!" I shout. He turns around. "I believe we had a deal?" I hold my hand out.

"I almost forgot!" He reaches inside his car and takes out my purse. Then he throws it to me. Luckily, I catch it and I get inside my pathetic car. I jam the key in the ignition and twist it, but nothing happens. I take it out, try it again, but still nothing. After about four tries, I panic and jump out of the car. 

"Harry!" I yell across the parking lot. "Can I have a ride?" 

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