Forbidden Love

17 year old Leah Brooke has always dreamed of going to Yale University. When her big chance arrives, she blows it, but in her hurry to get home, she leaves her phone behind. What happens when a cute british boy finds it?


2. Chapter 2

No purse equals no phone. No phone equals no music. No phone also equals no Yale interview. No Yale interview equals crushed dreams. I have to get that phone. 

I run inside my house where my sister is still crying. My mom has given up on her already and is watching keeping up with the kardashians. Luckily, mom has left her phone on the kitchen counter. I get a hold of it, and sneak away to my room. 

Someone must have found my purse by now, right? I'm only hoping they haven't taken out everything inside it. 

I dial my number on my moms phone and a male voice answers. 

"Hello?" It's the accent. 

"Hey! Umm Henry, right?" I ask, even though I know Henry isn't his name. 

"It's Harry. Have you been missing something?" He says. 

"I need it back ASAP! Where are you? I can pick it up now." 

"Nah. I think I'll hang onto it." He says. 

"Harry it's not funny. I need the phone now." I state. 

"I'll give you the phone... If you do me a favor." He says in his slow British accent. 

"What?" I ask. 

"Go on a date with me." 

"I really shouldn't. Mom won't let me date until I'm 18." I say nervously. 

"How old are you now?" Harry asks. 


"I guess you'll have to wait a year to get your phone back." He snickers. 

"Fine ill go on one date with you."

"tonight at 7? Meet me at Lenny's."

"Lenny's? That place is expensive!"

"don't worry, I can afford it." 

"Okay I'll see you then." I say. 

"See ya then babe." He hangs up. 

I have a feeling I just got myself into a mess. 

I sneak back downstairs to put my moms phone back on the counter, but I didn't get away this time. 

"Why do you have my phone young lady?" She says sternly. 

"I was just borrowing it to call Rachel. I had a question about the math homework." I say. 

"And what was the question?" Mom crosses her arms. 

"Um, I was just asking her if we had to use the distributive property on number four." 

"You always have to use the distributive property." Mom says.  

"That's exactly what Rachel said!" I set her phone back on the counter. "She also asked me if I wanted to go to dinner tonight wit her. Is that okay?" 

"I don't care." She takes her phone and sits back on the couch. I sigh, relived. 

Its 5:00 so I suppose I should start getting ready since I have to leave at 6:30. Lenny's is extremely fancy, so I must dress my best. I go to the back of my closet and look through all my dresses that I haven't worn in years. Should I wear my strapless long blue one? No, Im going to a restaurant, not the oscars. What about the skimpy black one with the back cut out? Nah, I don't want to come off as a slut. The only other reasonable option would be my red one that goes half way down my thigh, and has a V neck shaped top. It has tank top straps and the back hangs loose. 

I try it on and look in the mirror. So much for not looking like a slut. It's about a size or two too small and my boobs are bulging out the top. The length is fine, but I'm worried about too much exposure of my breasts. I guess I grew a little since the last time I wore this. 

Next it's time for makeup. Obviously I start with a coat of foundation. Then I move on to three coats of mascara. Eyeliner is hard to do. If you don't do enough, it won't look good. If you do too much, you look like a whore. I carefully apply it and it ends up looking fine. I decide to do lipgloss instead of lipstick. Gloss is easier to apply the ought the night. I use my trusty peach gloss and stick it in my backup purse since my usual purse is with Harry. 

I'm all ready and it's 15 minutes early. I might as well get there early. Lenny's here I come. 

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