Forbidden Love

17 year old Leah Brooke has always dreamed of going to Yale University. When her big chance arrives, she blows it, but in her hurry to get home, she leaves her phone behind. What happens when a cute british boy finds it?


14. Chapter 14

Thump. . . Thump. . . Thump. . .



"I got the beer." Harry pulls a six pack of beer out of the fridge.

"I've never been drunk before." I admit.

"Really?" He opens one and gives it to me, then opens one for himself.

"I'm only 17..."

"Oh, right." We both take a huge gulp. I honestly don't care for the taste that much, but I have to do this since its on the list. 

We both finish our first beer at the same time, so we start on our second at the same time too. 

By the time I'm finished with my second, my throat burns. I pretend I'm enjoying it, and accept a third drink. Harry finishes his third before me, and he's already looking quite confused. I down my third as fast as I can, and I can't do another. Harry finishes up his fourth.

"You okay?" He hiccups.

"I feel great." I burp quietly and try to stand up. The world is slightly uneven, but I manage to walk to the fridge. I changed my mind. I want a fourth. 

The music is blaring at this point. The guys aren't home, which was planned just in case me and Harry got... too wild. As of now, Harry's had five beers and I've had four. Theres no way I can handle a fifth one.

"You look... good." Harry smirks. 

"Yeah?" I laugh. "Kiss me." He obeys my orders and plants a hungry kiss on me. Apparently, he doesn't realize that he's pushing me because I fall over onto the ground with him on top of me. His kisses don't feel the same. They feel better, and I only want more. And that's exactly what I get.


~~~~(yes, they had sex)~~~~


I sneak into my house, yet again. I'm a little bit late this morning. Its exactly 6, and mom should be getting home any minute. I hurry up to my bedroom successfully. Mom gets home literally right when I crawl into bed. Perfect timing. 

Usually, mom and Miranda let me sleep for the whole day, but today Miranda comes bursting through my door.

"Oh, Leah!" She's in tears.

"Um, whats wrong?" I ask.

"I can't keep it from you any longer!" She sits on my bed and calms down a bit. "I think you should know that a few days ago, Harry called me. He wanted me to come over, so I did." 

"When was this?"

"Two days ago. In the morning. Anyways, I think he was drunk, but he fucked me." She has stopped crying at this point. My heart stops beating and the world stops turning. Do my ears deceive me?

"What?" Tears form in my eyes.

"We had sex."

Words can't even describe how furious I am. "Okay." I can't hold in my tears any longer. "Can I be alone?" 

"Of course. I know it hurts." She rubs my back for a second, then leaves. As soon as I know she's out of sight, I sprint to the bathroom. I open up the cabinet and look at all the tools. I start with the grooming scissors. I jab it into my wrist, my tears splashing onto the fresh cut. 

He cheated on me with my own sister. Each thought equals a new cut. I throw the scissors across the room and go straight for the razor. I dig it deep into my thighs. 

He cheated. He cheated.



I hold my hand out in front of mom. She places the 100 dollar bill into my palm. I walk up to my room and put my headphones in. It feels so wrong lying to Leah, but if I didn't do it, mom would've. Not that I actually care about Leah, but she's never had a boyfriend before and this may be her only shot at love. Ugh, I would never have sex with Harry after what happened. I cant believe I have to pretend that we did it. Oh well, at least I got a hundred bucks out of it.

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