StarCraft: For the Dominion

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  • Published: 26 May 2013
  • Updated: 6 Jul 2013
  • Status: Complete
The Terrans, Zerg and Protoss have been at war for centuries. The Terran Dominion sent a team to planet Mar Sara to gather intel from a old Protoss research facility. Days later the Dominion lost connection to the team and sent a second team to find the lost team. What the second team finds will either help the Terran Dominion win against the Zerg's army and queen or cause them their lives? But along the someone else is making its move in the shadows.


7. Chapter 7

Arcturus Mengsk silently stood at the glass window in front of him. Below him stood the planet Tarsonis, capital world of the Terran Confederacy. The colors of yellow, brown and orange showed sign of powerful solar flares going into the planet.

"Honorable Emperor," said General Hank before entering.

"Was the intel successfully acquired," Mengsk asked without looking at him. "And if so is the intel useful."

"Yes, you honor." answered the General. "The intel has been  decipher successfully. What we found your honor, will certainly help us win this war against the Zerg.

"What have you found?" asked Arcturus Mengsk turning around to face him.

"The Protoss, you honor where working on what seemed as a force field generator," informed Hank.

"What's so special about this force field?" Arcturus Mengsk questioned.

"The force field, your honor disrupts the Zerg's psychic connection between the Zerg organism and the Queen of Blades," answered Hank.

A blocker for the Zerg. Interesting, with such force field the Zerg will be weak, confuse, defenseless. My troops could kill them and extinct the Zerg one and for all.

"Excellent," Arcturus Mengsk said patting the General's back. "Are the orders for the generators production ready?" he asked.

"They are waiting for your permission, your honor," said Hank.

"Permission received," informed Arcturus Mengsk.

"Yes, your honor," nodded Hank as he left the room.

Arcturus Mengsk turn around and went back to the window, the day seemingly brighter now.

I know you're coming for me, Kerrigan. Once you do, I'll be here ready, waiting, and when you do, I will kill you once and for all.

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