StarCraft: For the Dominion

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  • Published: 26 May 2013
  • Updated: 6 Jul 2013
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The Terrans, Zerg and Protoss have been at war for centuries. The Terran Dominion sent a team to planet Mar Sara to gather intel from a old Protoss research facility. Days later the Dominion lost connection to the team and sent a second team to find the lost team. What the second team finds will either help the Terran Dominion win against the Zerg's army and queen or cause them their lives? But along the someone else is making its move in the shadows.


6. Chapter 6

"Come on, come on," vehemently Commander Bron said as he slammed his fist on the computer screen reading File Transmission 99%.

"Your not going to make the transmission faster if you keep slamming your fist on the screen," said Commander Alron, when then the screen read File sent.

"Just did," Bron grinned as Alorn rolled her eyes.

"Alright we need to get back to-," she began to say when the top of the ship came crumbling down at them. They had no time no act as flames came down and burned them alive.

A few meters away the marine's where holding up the Zerg. Ray's Thermal Lance took down the Roaches as the marine's behind him fired at the Ultralisk. The bullets did no damage to the Ultralisk, but slowed them down enough for me to come with the Warp Blade and do some actual damage.

I was able to take down one Ultralisk while Alron's Ghost killed two with her sniper rifle. My blade was beginning to hum, the evergreen light color of the blades turning darker for ever kill.

Sometimes when the Ultralisk attacked an ancient deep voice would warn me where the hit would come and tell me how to dodge and counter-attack.

"Roll down right, then swipe downward at a 70 degree angel." the voice said as I did as follow, dodging a fist smashing down at where I used to be. I then swiped downward at a 70 degree angle at the fist, creating a deep cut in the fist.

The Ultralisk screeched in pain as the Ghost sent a bullet to the mouth, the bullet passing to the inside tissue of the Zerg and coming out. The Ultralisk fell and died. A pool of blood poured from the hole.

Even though we killed the Ultralisks, it was a slow progress and soon we would be surrounded.

"Above," The Ghost shouted as Overlords appeared out of nowhere in the air and began firing at us.

The Ghost and I ducked behind the dead body of a Ultralisk, the mass body of the Ultralisk protecting us from the Overlords.

"We are going to have to get back to the marine's and get out of here." I told the Ghost. "We need to check if the Commanders have successfully sent the intel."

The Ghost nodded,"Alright I'll cover for you," she spoke on a nasally tone, speaking for the next time and probably the last. 

I nodded to her and ran to the end of the Ultralisks arm. I waited for the Ghost's signal. She looked at and gave me a nod to go, then I ran like hell.

Behind me Overlords were spawning Larvas under them.

Yeah I really gotta run.

The Ghost behind me shot Overlords in the sky who were steadily coming at me. Right now they were her primary targets. If they keep spawning the marines wouldn't have a shot on making out of this mess.

Juggernaut was about a half mile away, safe from the Overlords and Ultralisk.

"Good luck kid, " she murmured as she got out to the opening, turning on her cloak, becoming invinsible. The cloak lasted two seconds before it shut down. It was malfunctioning.

"Bloody hell," she spat.

In front of her stood a quarter of the Zerg army that was about to come behind the marines. She took a deep breath as the Zerg screeched and came at here. She aimed her sight and fired.

A mile away I heard the sound of a gunshot followed by screeching sound of the Zerg.

I keep running, not looking back. Ray and the others where holding up the Ultralisk, but needed imminent help. I ran faster this time to

with new found strength. My angered sending me toward a Ultralisk coming towards Ray. I jumped as it sent a fist toward my left, landing on the fist and running to the Ultralisk's face and slicing it in to two.

I landed on its sliced body, the Warp Blade shining light green this time, creating what seemed a green glow on my skin.

"You okay there Juggernaut," worried Ray, looking aghast of how fast I took down.

"I'm fine, " I assured him. "We need to find the Commander's"

"Their dead, Juggernaut," said Ray unemotionally. "They were caught inside of the ship when it came down and burned."

"Was the file fully sent," I asked him.

"I don't know," he answered.

More anger boiled inside me.

People died to have this file sent and in the end we don't know if their lives were worth for something.

The blade's tip began to darken, as if absorbing my anger. More Ultralisk began to come attack us. Ray turn his Thermal Lance and fired the beam at them. The marines shoot them while I sprinted at them. With the blade at my side I rolled from an attack from a Ultralisk and then side step from another incoming attack.

I stabbed the first Zerg attacker in the eye and cut it open. I then jumped to the second attacker, slicing its throat.

I ducked to the ground as a Hydralisk came out of nowhere and sent spines at me, but missed and hit one of the marines.

I jumped behind a rock ahead of me as more spines came shot passed. Winchester aimed at the Hydralisk and fired three shots, the Zerg dead in five seconds.

I sent him a thumps up and he did the same. The Ultralisk began to screeched more as Ray shot him with his Thermal Lance. Then horror crossed my face.

Behind the Ultralisk's Vipers flow out of know where and got Ray. I took my rifle this time to kill there Zerg, but more Vipers came and got the remaining marines.

Winchester shot the Viper flying at him. Then ducked behind a rock where he aimed his sights on the flying Viper's carrying the marines including Ray. But it was no use.

The Vipers had flew with the remaining marines passed the clouds, then the let go of them miles away from the Zerg army.

"Shit," cussed Winchester. "They got Ray too, he had the lance."

"I know," I shouted at him as I sprinted at him.

"We aren't going to make it out our we," said Winchester.

"Truth hurts," I joked.

"Indeed," said Winchester.

We stood behind each others back, covering each other from all angles. The Zerg began to surround us, knowing they had won this fight. In front of me a Zerg came out from the sand, a Queen Zerg with  two Infestors behind her.

"Your time has come," crocked the Queen.

"As long as the Dominion stands, this war is yet not over," said Winchester.

The Queen Zerg laughed, "You think the Dominion will stand for long, your kind struggles for survival. We the Zerg evolve, adapt, and conquer. With our Queen leading us, we will extinct your kind."

I silently laughed in my head."You believe the Queen of Blades will succeed. Please," I scowled as a sent a strike toward her eye with my Warp Blade, scratching her left eye and nose.

"You weakling," she spat as she sent a strike toward me, blocking it with my Warp Blade. Behind me Winchester rolled and shot at the Queen as a Infestor shot him. His shot didn't get the Queen, but the Infestor coming toward me.

I saw as Winchesters face began to turn red, slowly falling to the control of the Infestor.

"No," I shouted to Winchester as drop his gun and stood by the Queen.

The Queen laughed louder. "See how your weak your kind is, your kind was created to be ruled."

The voice in my head whispered, "No, your kind was created to give hope for others, to fight. Don't give in."

"No, our kind was created to give hope to others, to fight, to not give in," I repeated.

"Who told you that," The Queen asked. "Answer me!"

"My father," I lied.

The queen eyes the Warp Blade, seemingly letting out burst of green colored energy.

"No, he told you," she pointed at the blade. "Kill him."

I struck my Warp Blade on the ground, the tip releasing a burst of energy knocking out the Zerg around me plus Winchester.

The Zerg air unit in the sky thought were still flying and swop down to attack me as soon as their comrades were knocked down. I ran  to the right, dodging spikes, acid spits, and falling Larvas from the sky.

The Zerg sky unit were behind me, the Warp Blade's energy giving me a burst of speed in my legs, creating more distance between me and the Zerg.

When it seemed I was miles away from the Zerg a voice erupted in my head, knocking me out to the desert ground helplessly.

"There is no escape from the Zerg," the female shrill, cold voice erupted in my head. Every syllable creating a deep wound in my brain.

I try to move, but I was paralyzed. Blood began to come out of my eyes and mouth and soon the sound of wings where heard in the distance.

There coming, move!

Still I couldn't do anything, not breath nor defend myself from death as acid spits came down at me from the sky. I couldn't scream and I couldn't stop death as it embraced me on its wings and brought me into darkness.



















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