StarCraft: For the Dominion

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  • Published: 26 May 2013
  • Updated: 6 Jul 2013
  • Status: Complete
The Terrans, Zerg and Protoss have been at war for centuries. The Terran Dominion sent a team to planet Mar Sara to gather intel from a old Protoss research facility. Days later the Dominion lost connection to the team and sent a second team to find the lost team. What the second team finds will either help the Terran Dominion win against the Zerg's army and queen or cause them their lives? But along the someone else is making its move in the shadows.


5. Chapter 5

"No!" I yelled, as the Nydus Worm bursts from under the sand up to the Banshee, hitting the Banshee's left wing causing it to spin in the air and crash on the ground.

Everyone turned as they saw their hope burned on the ground. I ran to the medivac, finding the pilot dead.

"We need to transfer the intel through the ship to headquarters," Commander Bron said, running with Commander Alron and her ghost to the Banshee ship.

The other marines began shooting the Nydus Worm, but did no damage as Zerglins crawled out of its mouth.

"Fuck, no!" cussed Marine Ray, beginning to shot at the Zerg.

I took my Warp Blade, the blade coming to life. I took it in one hand and The Reaper's gun on the other as I ran to Ray, shooting and slicing my way to him.

"Where's Shillo?" I asked, slicing an upcoming Zerglin's head.

"His holed up with Winchester at the side of the cliff," shouted Ray as he shoot two Zerglings behind him.

"Alright let's save them," I yelled at him, shooting a Hydralisk coming at us.

We ran to Winchester and Shillo, they were trying their best to push the Zerglins from them falling down at the side of the cliff.

I jumped throw sliced a Zerglin, rolling and shooting the other. Behind me Ray was shooting Zerglins coming from behind us. The Reapers gun ran out of ammo so I throw it at a upcoming Hydralisk, then stabbed the Zerg in the stomach. I took my own gun and shoot the the Hydralisk in the cut I did to the Hydralisk.

Zerglins began to set back from us, especially me. Somehow the Warp blade drew them away. Ray and I took that advantage and went to Winchester and Shillo.

"Thanks for saving us," breathed Shillo.

"Thank, Ray. He told me where you were," I pointed at Ray.

"What's that," asked Winchester as he pointed at the Warp Blade in my right hand.

"Some Proton blade," I answered.

"Hmmm, good thing it works," said Winchester.

"Told ya it was going to be useful," said Shillo.

I grinned at him as I ran and sliced a Zerglin in half. I spin and got another Zerglin with the blade. I felt different with every strike sent to the Zerg with the Warp Blade. As if the blade and I were one.

I turned as Ray, Shillo, and Winchester stared at me.

"Bad ass blade," acknowledged Ray.

"Indeed," I said. " We need to see how are the Commanders holding up".

The marines nodded and follow me to the burning ship. We killed many Zerglins on the way including Hydralisks. Other marines where doing a pretty good job defending themselves.

How long are we going to last, there's a Zerg army coming up to the hill.

I got to the ship first, where Commander Alron's Ghost was swiftly defending the ship from the Zerg. A crack was made in the ship were Commander Bron and Alron where sending the intel into file to a Battlecruiser. The fire was spreading from the inside. Soon it will enter the inside and burn the Commanders if the stayed.

"Shillo, come with me. The rest help the Ghost take out the Zerg," I told them.

The Ghost nodded to the idea and went back to shooting.

I went inside where a computer panel read Transmitting File 69%.

"How much longer will it take?" I asked Commander Bron.

"Two minutes prissily," answered Commander Alron instead.

Commander Bron slammed at the screen. "Damn, we need more time. The fire will enter here before the intel is fully sent," he snarled.

"We can slow it down by putting Zerg bodies on the fires obstacle," Shillo suggested.

"That might buy us time," said Commander Alron.

"Better than letting it come here," said Commander Bron. "Alright, you have my permission to do so."

"Yes, sir," Shillo and I said and left the ship.

Ghost, Ray, and Winchester were pushing the Zerg back. Ray's Thermal Lance kept the Zerg back as the remaining marines joined them on the shooting.

Me and Shillo went to the bodies of Zerg and began to pick them up.I did my best not to throw up again. We throw them at the fire and by a miracle it distinguished it.

"Well look at that," I grin, but then it faded as the fire burned throw the Zerg bodies and grew bigger.

"Son of a-" I began to say when tentacle sprang from the ground at hit me in my chin and sent me in the air.

"Juggernaut!," shouted Shillo in alarm as he went for his Thermal Lance but he was to late. The tentacle spitted what seemed as acid, hitting Shillo in the face. Melting it quickly.

"Shillo!" I cried. I sprang up and did a quick roll as I went for the Warp Blade and sliced the tentacle.

Ray turned back and saw what was happening and ran to us. He stopped when he saw smoke coming from Shillo's face.

"Oh no, not him," he cried, falling to his knees.

I took deep breath's and looked away.

My best friends died, and now my friend Shillo too. Life is an ass.

I walked to Shillo's dead body, picked up his gun
 and handed to Ray.

"He would have wanted you to avenge him," I told him.

He looked at me with Satan's wrath in his eyes, bu then the wrath faded as he saw me handing him Shillo's gun. He looked back at Shillo's dead body then took the gun.

"Your right," Ray acknowledged and stood up.

I nodded at him when Winchester yelled out. "Ray I need you here know!"

Ray ran to Winchester as a group of Hydralisk came to them. They ducked behind broken pieces of the Banshee as the Hydralisks shot spines at them. With the Hydralisks concentrated on them I throw two more Zerg bodies to the fire and then went to the Hydralisks. I drew my Warp Blade and then as if by instinct I rolled left as one of the Hydralisk shot spines at me. I felt them pass by my right ear as I swung my blade upward to the Hydralisk, slicing it in half.

The other Hydralisks shrieked at me when the marines went and fired at the Hydralisks. The air filled with bullets and cries from the Hydralisks as they fell to the ground and died. The ground then fell with pools of blood and dead Zergs.

The Zerg army was still coming up from the hill. This time Roaches came up with Ultralisks. The marines quickly reloaded their weapons, but their faces filled with fear.

This was going to be our last stand!


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