StarCraft: For the Dominion

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  • Published: 26 May 2013
  • Updated: 6 Jul 2013
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The Terrans, Zerg and Protoss have been at war for centuries. The Terran Dominion sent a team to planet Mar Sara to gather intel from a old Protoss research facility. Days later the Dominion lost connection to the team and sent a second team to find the lost team. What the second team finds will either help the Terran Dominion win against the Zerg's army and queen or cause them their lives? But along the someone else is making its move in the shadows.


3. Chapter 3

The two marines and I began stealthy running to the back of the facility. The terrain began to risen up, giving us some cover from the Zerg. The shrieks of Zerg were heard from the distance as our Commander and his troops shot at the Zerglins and Overlords. Dead Overlords form the sky were splattering down from the sky do the ground. Some even landing a few feet away from us. Sherman and his two vikings were taking down Broodlords in the sky while heading to the upcoming Zerg army. Scorpion, Marine Roy, and Bald Eagle were doing a good job keeping the Zerg at bay.

"Alright," I began as we were a quarter away from the back of the facility. "Marine Ray and Shillo you two come behind me, we don't know if there are some underground so we must be careful, keep our eyes peal, and not run in fear alright."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah," said Marine Ray. "Let's kill some Zerg."

I cautiously began walking to the back of the facility. As I did I felt movement under me. I raised my fist mid air in alarm. The two marines stop behind me. Then as they did Zerglins exploded from the sand and attacked me in killer rage. A stumble back and roll to the right as Roy and Shillo began shooting at the Zerglins.

I raised my gun right as a Zerglin came from behind me. I turned readying my shot when a bullet went to the Zerglins head, killing him instantly. 

I turned my head to where the bullet came from, seeing Bald Eagle aiming his gun at us.

Guess we have someone watching us.

"Wow, that was close," relaxed Shillo.

"Agreed," Ray and I said.

I sent Roy and Shillo to take the right of the facility while I took left. Since Bald Eagle was keeping an eye on me he will be backing me up if I'm attack.

The shrieks and gunshots were becoming louder as I got closer to the front. As I reached to the front I ducked under what seemed pieces of a Protoss's stalker. I took a peak of the front.

Their were two Hydralisk's shooting spines from their bodies to the marines. The marines had taking down most of the Zerglins and where taking cover under mass bodies of Zerg and Protoss machinery.

Ray's face peaked from the other side of the facility wall, we nodded and at the count of three on our heads we sprang and attacked the Hydralisks

The Hydralisks got off by surprise shrieked and spat saliva from their mouths.

Ray, Shillo and I began shooting the imbeciles.

The Hydralisks shrieked and began shooting their spines at us. I ducked to the remains of the Protoss stalker as spines passed by my ears.

That was bloody close!

Ray and Shillo had ducked behind a old Protoss base at the left of the facility. The Hydralisk's split it, one going for me while the other ones went for Ray and Shillo.

I stood up and shooter the Hydralisk as he jumped to me. I rolled quickly to the left, and shoot some more. I wasn't doing a lot of damage to the Hydralisk, I need more firepower.

Ray and Shillo seemed to be better than me, the Hydralisk stepping back in agony as Ray and Shillo shot the Zerg on the eyes.

That gives me and idea.

I began going to aim my sight on the Hydralisk when Commander Bron, Spider, and Winchester came gun blazing shooting the Hydralisk on my tail. The Hydralisk shrieked as the bullets got him on his weak spots and eye. The Hydralisk died and felled. The Commander and the marines then went to the other Hydralisk and killed it.

I went to the dead Hydralisk and double tap.

The area felled silent apart from the Zerg army 3 miles away.

"Area secured," informed Spider.

"Bald Eagle, how's the situation going down there?" asked Commander through the radio.

"Secured, you guys are right now clear for now. The Zerg army is covering ground quickly. Sherman and his friends are slowing them down, but I don't know how much longer they can hold them.", answered Bald Eagle.

"Thanks for the info, we will be proceeding gaining the intel and Commander Alron's squad," informed our Commander.

"Copy that, Commander," Bald Eagle respond.

Commander Bron wave us to the front of the facility where a wide slide door was on lock down.

"Any one here, we are The Dominion, and have come to help," shouted Commander Bron.

"What's the password," asked a female voice through the front slide door.

"The diamond has shattered," announced our Commander.

Seconds later the door slide open, revealing a black haired women covered in blood.  She seemingly had a faded scar on here right cheek,that extended to her jaw. Behind her a Reaper soldier and a Ghost soldier guarded from behind.

"Commander Alron, thank god you and your team are save," acknowledge Commander Bron. "Has the intel been found."

"Yes, Commander Bron," answered Commander Alron."The intel is downloaded to my suit. Is the extraction point set."

"Yes, Commander," answered Commander Bron.

"BRON," shouted Sherman through the speakers.

"Whats the situation, Sherman?" asked Commander Bron.

"I can't hold them for long, the Zerg are-" the line cut as a explosion was heard outside.

Everyone got outside as we saw Sherman's ship drop to the ground, fire blazing from it.

"Commander, the Angel has fallen, I repeat, the Angel has fallen," announced Bald Eagle through the radio.

"I see that, Eagle," answered Commander Bron.

The two vikings in the distance exploded at the same time as a Nydus Worm exploded from other underground to them.

"Oh my god," Marine Ray said in shock.

"We have to go now!," Commander Alron said in alarm.

"Bald Eagle get your team here now!," shouted Commander Born.

"Copy that," answered back Bald Eagle. From the distance Bald Eagle, Scorpion, Marine Roy came running down from the hill.

As they did Zerglins came out from the sand with Infestors and kill the marines and eat them.

"No!," shouted Winchester as he began to run to his friends.

"Hold yourself together," shouted Commander Bron.

Winchester began cursing out loud. "Those Zerg are going to pay for what they done."

"They will, but not if your dead," shouted Commander Bron at Winchester. "Everyone has the extraction point downloaded to their systems."

We all nodded.  "Alright then we need to get out now, before this place is over run. My team cover up Commander Alron and her squad, they must reach the extraction point and send the intel."

The men nodded and formed a circle around Commander Alron and her squad.

"What time is the Banshee ship suppose to arrive, Commander?" asked Commander Alron.

"Three minutes ago," Commander Bron smirked, he went to his radio, trying to communicate with the Banshee ship that should have come three minutes ago.

"Damn, no signal," cursed Commander Bron, a minute later.

"The Banshee might still be coming, we must go to the extraction point quickly. The Zerg are already getting very close," said Commander Alron.

"We need someone to stay here and slow down the Zerg till the ship comes," I said.

"Agree," nodded Commander Bron in agreement. "Marine Juggernaut, I need you to take your boys and slow down the Zerg as much as you can. When the ship comes, you run back as fast as you can to the extraction point."

"Yes, sir," Marine Shillo, Ray, and I said as we departed from the circle and took positions up front of the facility.

"Reaper," shouted Commander Alron. "I need you to go with this men and help them out on slowing down the Zerg," she ordered.

"Yes, Commander," said The Reaper as he ran to us.

"Well, guess we have a Reaper," said Marine Shillo. " Hopefully we last longer now."

The others went and left while us on the facility.

"Okay, so the pretty much they sent us to a death sentence," said Marine Ray. "Well guys, nice knowing you all."

"Shut up," I told him." Where going to live through this, just watch."

"The Zerg are half way from here," spoke The Reaper.

We reloaded are weapons and set ours site on the upcoming Zerg army.

The shrieks got louder as the came. The Zerg army contained Zerglins, Infestors, Larvas, and Drones up front while on the back where filled with Ultralisks, Roaches, and Overseers. Groups of Overlords and Mutalisks flew on the sky. The Nydus Worm was off from sight.

"Man, we are so not living through this," said Marine Ray.

"Where is a siege tank, a Thor, or better yet a Battlecrusier when you need one," shouted Marine Shillo.

"Our weapons have no match against the force behind the Zerg front line and the force in the air," informed The Reaper.

We needed a plan fast if we were to live long enough for the ship to come. I looked around for any equipment the Protoss may have left behind that may be functional. That's when I noticed a dim blue light on a broken Colossus Protoss machine coming from a small manhole on the left far side of the outside of the facility. I walked over it and examined the damage. The machine was ripped in half, the broken legs unattached to the head. I check for any lose wired when I noticed the Thermal Lances on the left and right side of the head were still attacked.

I sling my gun over my shoulder as I tried to separate the Thermal Lance from the right side of the head with my hands.

"Help me, " I shouted as seconds later Marine Ray came to help me unattached the lance. A minute later the lance budge and broke form the head.

"What are you planning?" asked Ray.

"Just watch," I said as I motion him to the other lance, taking it off the head faster than the other one.

I took the two Thermal Lances and called Marine Shillo. "I need to you find what triggers this lances," I told him.

"That's easy," said Shillo as he took one of the lances and took out some cable apart, then connecting them together. He walked with the lance and aimed it at the upcoming Zerg.

Then, as if by magic the Thermal Lance turn on and fire a orange beam of destruction, going all the way to the Zerg army front line, taking out Zerglins in its path.

Shillo looked at us and grinned."That's how its done boys."

"Holy Mary," said Ray in envy.

The Reaper tilted his head in acceptance.

"Okay tell me how you made it fire?" I ask Shillo.

"The lance is usually fired through a button in the head of the Colossus. This lances luckily still have the cables that connect to the trigger giving us the capability to just take the cables, and twisting them together giving you 3 seconds to aim before the lance fires," explained Shillo.

"Epic," Ray asseverate, taking the other lance and beginning to the cables and twisting them to fire. Seconds later another beam went to the Zerg front line, taking out all Zerglins and Larvas.

"Yes!" exclaimed Ray.

"Alright, you two keep the Zerg busy while Reaper and I find more equipment to use," I told them.

"Aye, aye," shouted both of them.

I motioned Reaper to me as we went farther to the left, looking warily on all the equipment. We found remaining of Stalker and Immortal droids including one of the warp blades. I picked it up, as doing so the blades came to  life, the green curve blades coming out of the top tip of what seemed a Zerg head and the button of the blade.

"Might come in handy," I said as Reaper came and watch the Warp Blade.

As soon as he said that the ground began to quake, cracks began to form where we stood. We rolled from the spot we where as soon as a Nydus Worm broke came out from underground, hitting his head 5 inches left of me on the ground, the shock of the force sending me to the wall of the facility, and sending my warp blade away from me.

Oh no, we are so dead!











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