StarCraft: For the Dominion

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  • Published: 26 May 2013
  • Updated: 6 Jul 2013
  • Status: Complete
The Terrans, Zerg and Protoss have been at war for centuries. The Terran Dominion sent a team to planet Mar Sara to gather intel from a old Protoss research facility. Days later the Dominion lost connection to the team and sent a second team to find the lost team. What the second team finds will either help the Terran Dominion win against the Zerg's army and queen or cause them their lives? But along the someone else is making its move in the shadows.


2. Chapter 2

The drop-ship's floor door slide open and the men began dropping from the ship to the ground. As the door's slide open a firm smell of blood and rotten flesh erupted on my nose. I was never going to get used to the smell of death, guess that's what I get for not being a criminal and volunteering for the Terran Dominion Military. Most people now days became senators, doctors, farmers, pretty much people whose choice in a career didn't involve danger such as dropping of 50 feet from the air to the ground, wearing an all-body armor, and carrying a big gun.

I volunteered for many reasons; I had no money, no family, no roof to live under. My parents died when I was young. I barely remember their faces. Sometimes in my sleep, I would dream of this two pairs of eyes, one being with the color of Turquoise and the other one being sea green starring back at me. The pair of eyes are familiar, but I could never put my finger on it who in my family had those eye colors. 

Must marines in the military are ex-criminals. Since many people didn't know days volunteer for the army, what no better way then to get ex-criminals and turn them into marines. Such method has been affective for growing the army and giving the ex-criminals a second chance to redeem themselves.

Most men were out of the drop-ship and when the Commander left I jumped after him. We landed in a heavy thump on the ground. The marines began securing the area, shooting some Zergs who saw the ship and went after it.

The planet Mar Sara was filled with chaparral biomes. Years of War with the Protoss, Zerg, and Terrans had left the planet some what destroyed. The Protoss research facility was build by the Protoss to search for a way to eliminate mass variety of Zerg species in seconds, reason why Commander Alon and his squad were sent to look for.

"Area secured, Commander," reported Bald Eagle. His was our sharpshooter in the group, who's bald head seemed to gleamed even in the dark. At least that's what the men say.

"Cover us above,Sherman," ordered The Commander.

"You don't have to tell me twice, Bron," Sherman shouted as he flow away with the ship and the two vikings.

We were currently in a plateau and the weather was hot, about 107 degrees to be exact. The sounds of rifles been fired in the distance and the scream of Zergs and marines got everyone's attention.

"Alright me, here's the deal. The dessert terrain in this area will be blow our cover which sucks for a surprise attack so here's the deal. We shall divide in three groups. Scorpion, Marine Roy, and Bald Eagle go to high ground and sniper this scums to hell. Spider and Winchester you two are with me. We shall leave a direct assault on the Zerg and give some time for Commander Bron's troops to recover. Marine Juggernaut, Marine Shillo, and Marine Ray you three will stealthy go and assault the Zerg from behind. Do I make myself clear, gentleman?" asked The Commander.

"Sir, yes, sir!" answered the men in with me finishing at the end.

"Alright, excellent. Scorpion," called The Commander at Scorpion. "Keep an eye on the last group, take down any Zerg who go on their way."

"Will be done, Commander," said Scorpion.

I walked to Marine Shillo who was waiting on the end of the plateau with Marine Ray.

"So there I was with this chick from Korhal in the bar right, sexy as The Megan Fox from the 21 century. We starting talking, I began making my moves you know the usual when suddenly she leaves and walks out" said Marine Ray. "I thinking something happen to her went after, when suddenly I see girl going up at a random Marine in the street and makes out with him and shoves her body to him."

"Maybe you weren't just the right guy to make out with," I joked as I came to them.

"Shut up," Marine Ray retaliated as Marine Shillo and I shared a laugh. 

"Maybe I'm her cup of tea," chuckled Marine Shillo, making me laugh even more.

"Alright guys all jokes aside for later, right now we have an assignment," I indicated. "We know the deal as soon as The Commander gives us the signal we have to stealthy get behind the Zerg and like always make them eat lead."

"You think we can do it," uttered Marine Shillo.

"Hell yeah, remember I took down the Colossus," I beamed.

"Yeah, but also getting two of your teammates killed during the process," keened Marine Ray.

A shadow crossed my face as I looked back at the bitter memory. "Trust me, I won't leave my teammates a second time," I promised.

Marine Ray nodded as Sherman cursed in the radio. "Commander, you and your boys better hurry up," warned Sherman.

"Whats the situation, Sherman," asked The Commander.

"Well, there's what seems like a freaking army of Zerg coming right to the research facility," answered Sherman. "My two viking buddies are doing their best to slow them down, Commander, but you guys really outta move. Like NOW!"

"Thanks for the heads up, Sherman," said the Commander, then went and turned back to us. "Alright, you heard him. There's a Zerg army coming to the facility. We are going to proceed with the plan, but we shall do it faster this time, now lets move!"

We followed after him as he climbed over a hill and sprinted to the facility. Drops of sweat began dripping down at my eyes as we ran.

God, I hate sweating.

That was pretty much one of the downfalls of wearing a full body armor suit, next to when going to the bathroom and well you know what I mean.

We began climbing over the last hill before the facility. A swarm of Zerg where attacking the entrance of the facility, where the remaining of Alon's squad where taking their last stand.

"Group one stay here, group two come with me, and group three go down to the right. On my signal, you guys run to the back of the facility and assault the Zerg," ordered The Commander, looking back at me giving me a look saying Don't do any foolish.

My group nodded and proceeded on going down the hill, staying in cover while doing so.

"It's showtime ladies," said The Commander, as he and his group sprinted to the Zerg, rifles blazing and screaming bloody murder.






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