StarCraft: For the Dominion

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  • Published: 26 May 2013
  • Updated: 6 Jul 2013
  • Status: Complete
The Terrans, Zerg and Protoss have been at war for centuries. The Terran Dominion sent a team to planet Mar Sara to gather intel from a old Protoss research facility. Days later the Dominion lost connection to the team and sent a second team to find the lost team. What the second team finds will either help the Terran Dominion win against the Zerg's army and queen or cause them their lives? But along the someone else is making its move in the shadows.


1. Chapter 1

"Alright Marines, listen up!" yelled Commander Bron as all five marines soldiers armed their C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifles. " We are in a tight spot here. Commander Alron and his squad are under assault by the common scum bags known as the Zerg."

We were currently inside a drop out cruiser, few minutes from the Zergs assault on Commander Alon's squad. The room quickly fell silent to the name of the Zerg and the sound of the ships engine cut the dumbness in the air. Reports of the Zerg been taking over by the Queen of Blades had grown some discomfort among the men.  

"Now Commander Alron and her squad where sent down to gather some Intel from an old Protoss Laboratory base in planet Tarsonis. The squad was successful to gather the Intel, but were assaulted by the Zerg while exiting the base. Our mission is to get to those men including the Intel back into safety," announced Commander Bron.

"How many Zerg are estimated to be attacking Alon's squad," asked Marine Shillo.

"Its has been estimated that there are about 5 packs of zergs attacking them, but the numbers are growing which gives us more reason to get this mission done quickly," answered the Commander. "Now while we are rescuing the squad and getting the Intel a Banshee ship will come to pick us up while this one we are in and the two vikings in the sky serve as air control, isn't that right Sherman?"

"Aye, aye Captain," answered Sherman, the ships pilot. "I'll keep you guys covered above, but your on your own on the ground."

"Don't worry, will be alright," said Commander. "Now Juggernaut."

The Commander had called down at me, but I didn't hear him. My focus was on the shrieks coming from the Zerg, growing loader as we neared. I could tell from their cries that they were hungry, very hungry. My experience on the battlefield had taught many things about the Zerg, one of them being that they were always hungry, thirsty from human flesh and blood.

"Marine Juggernaut!" yelled down the Commander.

His voice cut through my thoughts. "Yes, Commander," I answered.

"Did you hear what I just said," asked the Commander.

"Save the squad, bring the Intel and make the Zerg eat lead," I answered trying hard not to smirk in front of the Commander.

"Correct, but what was the last part I said," asked the Commander, this time coming closer to the point we where inches from each other.

"My name?," I blurt out.

"Wrong," Commander said, as he brought the holster of his gun crossed my face, hitting me hard on the ground. "What was the last thing I said on our conversation we had a day ago?"

I stop myself from cursing at him and punching him before answering with animosity. "Don't be a hero."

"That's my boy," smiled the Commander as he padded me on my back. "Now get up."

I moved by to my seat and straighten my neck to lessen the bruise in my face. I recalled a memory of two days ago when we were at the planet of Mar Sara and where attacked by a group of Colossus and Immortal Proton Units. We were able to take down the Immortals, but we were to late before they took down our two Vikings. As the Colossus were attacking us I had gone to one of the Vikings, who's armor had stop most of the damage, but killed the pilot.

I had taking out the dead body and then enter the armored and attacked the Colossus. I was lucky and took down the Colossus and save the last members of my squad, but I had done it at a cost. The two marines I was with at the post we were at attacking the Protons were killed. Their names were Paul Meyer and Clark Rim. The were my only friends I made in the squad and they were killed. I had left them, I should had stayed and dies with them.

I close my eyes and put away the memory for the time being before the alarm lighted up inside the ship. We were at our destination and the cries from the Zerg erupted my hears.

"Alright boys get ready," said the Commander. "Once the doors open we go and fight hell."


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