Ella is the quiet girl at school. She has no friends- apart from the annoying Star, who won't leave her alone for a second. But suddenly, when the pair find themselves in a world of Queens, magic and mystery, they figure that this is the time to work together...


2. Where?

I opened my eyes, and a lady with elf ears and wispy brown hair was staring down at me. 

"Phew!" she said. "I thought that you were gone there!"

"Whoa..." I exclaimed. "Did YOU drag me off?"

"Yup!" the woman said. "You can't go hanging around Nathaniel's Castle, you know! Don't you know the Flamisia rules?"

"I'm in Flamisia? Who are you... Nathaniel's Castle.... what?" The lady sighed.

"I'm Erikkah, dear. Are you new here?  It's lovely here in Flamisia. Well, it was. But now two parties are competing to rule over here. The first party is of common people- Luciana's Palace. They're who I support; they're sweet and kind and caring. But the bad side, Nathaniel's Castle, want to rule over, well, badly. You'd be surprised at how many supporters they have. It's mad. So who are you?"

"I'm Ella," I told her. She looked surprised, as if Ella was the most crazy and absurd name ever. To her, it probably was. "And I'm not completely sure how I got here. My friend, Star, should be here soon...."

"He's here!" Erikkah said. She turned, and I saw Star, sitting with three other boys. "He was standing straight outside NC, too! Oh, and these are my sons- Robert, Eethan and Thor!" The three boys waved, and I stood up and walked over to Star.

"You passed OUT?" He asked. I nodded, and he burst out laughing. "Ella, you are so strength-less!" I tutted, and signaled to Erikkah to say that we were leaving her home. I began to walk out- and fell and fell, down, until I landed on the soft grass. I looked up, and it turned out that Erikkah lived in a little flat. There were lots of them, all hanging from a giant oak tree. It was the most incredible thing that I'd ever seen- it looked magical. Star slid down a branch on his skateboard, landing beside me. "Cool, huh?" he said.

"The coolest thing ever!" I gasped, staring up. "Okay, let's go and have a bit of an explore....." We wandered around, not really knowing where we were going. But it was amazing. There were little shops; bakeries, fruit shops, the lot. Even a school, with little children running around. They had elf ears, too. It was cute. Then, when we were walking along the street, we saw a big building, It was crystal white, with turrets and pale blue ribbons. There was a long, silver road leading up to the fancy door, and the iron gates were painted white, with swirly patterns. And on a little plaque, there it was, Luciana's Palace. I just stopped and stared. I didn't have the slightest clue where I was, and I wasn't even sure how I GOT there, but I was standing in a new place. A mystical place. Flamisia. 

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