Ella is the quiet girl at school. She has no friends- apart from the annoying Star, who won't leave her alone for a second. But suddenly, when the pair find themselves in a world of Queens, magic and mystery, they figure that this is the time to work together...


7. Luciana's Maiden

I didn't quite grasp how scary being a LM would be. I had to be crowned, firstly. Since Luciana's Palace was still dangerous, we did it under the Blossom Underway, which felt much more magical. Luciana gathered flowers and made me my headband, and other Maidens lined both sides. They looked tired, but proud. 

"Good luck," Luciana told me, before my crowning. "I am so proud and I am eternally grateful. You may be just one, but it adds up; you are helping to keep Flamisia safe!" She lifted the headband, and closed her eyes. I could almost SEE the thoughts and spells whizzing around in her head, and when she put the band on me, I felt a flutter. "You are now an official Luciana's Maiden. Please use any powers carefully. Congratulations, Ella!" Everybody clapped, and then we all did our own thing.

"Magic powers?" Star said. "Rad! But, what's up?"

"I'm scared, Star!" I snapped. "Luciana says that I have three powers- fire, nature and water. I know how to use them- she showed me yesterday- but I'm frightened anyway!"

"I wouldn't be, Ella. I would be, like, MEGA-proud!"

"I am! But Star, it's so weird. I've been here a day. Just a day! And I miss home, even mum and dad and Granny and Jenna. Look at all I've done! But Luciana said to me yesterday that, as long as I fulfill all that I need, not want, to, I'll find my self in my normal place. I don't even have a clue what that means!"

"Just cool it!" Star said, laid-back. "Don't sweat the small stuff, Ellz!"

"Don't call me that!" I yelled, but as Star walked off, I smiled. 


My duty started that evening. I was holding on to Thor, whilst Erikkah comforted Luciana. We'd gone back to her palace, which was half ashes, half crumbling brick. 

"Never mind," Luciana said. "It is fixable. Just a shock."

"Just a shock!" I heard a man's voice say. It was squeaky, mimicking. It couldn't be Robert- he was too kind. Or Eethan- he was to shy to speak. And Thor could barley speak at all. And Star's voice couldn't go that high. I popped Thor next to Star.

"I'll be back," I said, "I just need to check something." I shot off to my left, where I'd heard the noise coming from. I kept running, and soon I was in a place that I couldn't recognize. It wasn't until I turned around to see the dark building behind me- Nathaniel's Castle. I brushed my hair out of my eyes- and suddenly a scary figure jumped out at me, throwing Tyde Bombs. I lashed out too, remembering my powers. Cool water slipped from my finger tips, but the Tydes were almost invincible, and they kept quickly firing towards me. A cluster of Nathaniel's soldiers followed, and he instructed them to go and find the Queen. He kept shooting at me, and I made a run for it, my feet pounding the ground. I had to get back to Luciana, before they did. It was a real race against time. But I got there, and I warned Luciana. She flicked her fingers, and soon, we were back in Erikkah's house,via flash. Luciana hugged me, and said that I'd been the defonision of a Maiden.

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