Ella is the quiet girl at school. She has no friends- apart from the annoying Star, who won't leave her alone for a second. But suddenly, when the pair find themselves in a world of Queens, magic and mystery, they figure that this is the time to work together...


6. Luciana

"I was made Queen when I was fourteen," Luciana told me. We were walking through Blossom Underway- like an underpass, covered in pretty pink blossom. Luciana had told me all about Flamisia, and now she was filling me in on, well, her. "My father sadly passed, and my mother had left him to move to another country- so I was the only child, the only option. I so enjoyed it. Though I terribly missed my father, it was so fantastic to have people look up to you. But then a man named Nathaniel decided that he didn't like female rulers; even though he was just six years older than me, he knew what he wanted. He started a protest, and surprisingly, people joined him. Together they launched an attack on my palace- throwing Tyde Bombs, a kind of fire ball- over the gates. Soon, people became scared of him, and chose to be followers. They packed up their bags and moved near to Nathaniel's Castle, which he'd newly built without permission. It really isn't nice at all, Ella!" I nodded sympathetically. If I was scared, what must Luciana feel like? She'd only been Queen for three years, and now half of Flamisia was divided against her. I looked into her brown eyes, which looked lonely and scared. 

"I'll help you," I volunteered. "I WILL. We have to fight back, Luciana! We do, we do, we do!" Luciana turned to me.

"You would?"

"Of course!" 

"You'd become a Lucianian Maiden?"

"What?" I asked, confused. 

" A Lucianian Maiden," Luciana replied. "They are a kind of female soldier. They wear flower headbands, which are filled with powers given to them by me. They have to show bravery, kindness and care."

"Oh, okay," I said, though I felt worried. But Luciana's face lit up. 

"Oh, thankyou!" She grinned. "Ella, you are a real heroine!" 

Though I didn't feel like one back then- I felt like a little kid, terrified. 

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