Ella is the quiet girl at school. She has no friends- apart from the annoying Star, who won't leave her alone for a second. But suddenly, when the pair find themselves in a world of Queens, magic and mystery, they figure that this is the time to work together...


11. Home Sweet Home

I lifted my head to see my duffle bag. I was on the soft grass in the old park, near the closed-up wall. Star came skateboarding over to me.

"It feels almost crazy to be back here," He said.

"I know," I agreed. "It feels...normal!" I felt half happy, half weird. It was like everything that had happened had been a dream, and I couldn't figure out whether it was wonderful or frightening. Star reached for my hand and pulled me up. 

"Pizza?" He grinned. I giggled, hopping up to my feet. Sure, he could be clumsy, annoying and a little bit dumb, but Star was a great friend. To me, at least.

We walked along the pavements, those that we'd stumbled upon what felt like a lifetime ago. In the distance, on the estate, I saw my family playing out on the grass. Jenna was doing hopscotch, and they were all normal. Wow, it felt great to know how much they had missed me. Star saw my face.

"Don't worry too much," He comforted. "That's families for you. You can't choose them, but you CAN choose me. Now, cheese or pepperoni?" He smirked cheekily, and I couldn't help but burst into giggles. My stomach was all knotted and my heart was still pounding from earlier, but I felt like me again. Normal Ella, the girl at school who was a goody-goody swot. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Star and I wandered back up to my estate, munching on our snack. I figured that Mum and Dad probably assumed that I was sleeping over at a friend's house or something- if they'd even realised that I was gone.  

"Okay, I'd better get back," Star announced, handing me the greasy pizza box. "I'm cream-crackered. See you soon, Ells!" 

"See you!" I yelled after him, making my way up home. And that night, when I was cosy in bed, in utter darkness, I realised that everything that had happened was now just a memory. A secret one, that I had to keep to myself no matter what. The only evidence of that day was my pretty flower headband, tucked away in my cupboard. 

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