Ella is the quiet girl at school. She has no friends- apart from the annoying Star, who won't leave her alone for a second. But suddenly, when the pair find themselves in a world of Queens, magic and mystery, they figure that this is the time to work together...


4. Erikkah's Story

"What?!" I asked,whispering. I was really starting to feel frightened now. Erikkah had turned out all of the lights and had drawn the curtains, so we were sitting in pitch black darkness; Thor snuggled into her, Robert and Eethan stayed close, and Star and I were squashed like sardines. "What's wrong?" "It's the Nethanian Army!" Erikkah said quietly. "You know that horn before? The high-pitched noise? That was the Lucianian signal to keep safe,"

"But what do the Nethanians do, exactly?" Star questioned. Erikkah leaned in closely, so that Thor couldn't hear.

"Terrible things. Only to Lucianians, though. Robert and Eethan know a little about them- but Thor is too young, now. They have been known to kill, fight, destroy homes... so you must pretend to be away. And you MUST be incredibly silent. They are a nasty piece of work, really. Their last major attack was four months ago. My husband, Rikk, was outside with the boys, playing and giggling in the moonlight. I watched them from above, and some would say that it was a happy family moment. But no. Suddenly, the Nethanians appeared from nowhere, and they..." Her voice trailed away. "I lost my husband. The Lucianians blew a trumpet when they noticed, but it was too late. Rikk told the boys to run and run as far as possible, and not to stop until they were at safety. They managed to run to the palace, where a lot of other children were. They weren't even injured, and neither was I- but my poor Rikk. A lot of our side of the kingdom was wrecked... homes hacked down, trees chopped, all sorts. We'd only just rebuilt everything- and I will now do only the best to keep my family and home safe." I wiped my eyes. Looking at Erikkah dancing earlier, she looked like the happiest, most carefree lady earlier. NOW I understood why she'd helped Star and I earlier- and I was more grateful than ever. But I suddenly wanted to go home. Flamisia wasn't as idyllic and lovely as I'd thought. Sitting here, listening to fighting sounds, I almost missed my family.

Erikkah turned and started to tell a story to Thor, and Star patted my hand gently. 

"Nasty, huh?" he said. "You know, right now I feel as if I'm in a fantasy movie- me and Kent, my bro, used to watch things like this. But this is so weird, like, BAD weird..." But I wasn't really listening, just staring at the window- and suddenly, a mid height lady in a pink silk dress fell through the door.


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