Ella is the quiet girl at school. She has no friends- apart from the annoying Star, who won't leave her alone for a second. But suddenly, when the pair find themselves in a world of Queens, magic and mystery, they figure that this is the time to work together...


3. Dancing and Drama

Erikkah was frolicking about the kitchen, waving a dishcloth in one hand, linking arms with Robert with the other. Star and Eethan were taking turns to ride the skateboard- indoors, would you believe- and Thor was eating a jar of jam with a spoon, but she didn't seem to notice. I'd never seen somebody so HAPPY before.

"Why are you so excitable?" I asked her, sitting at the kitchen table. "I'm not saying it's bad, but well, why?" Erikkah just shook her head.

"No reason," she replied, "But sometimes, it's just good to let go," She held out her hand. "Join in, Ella, dear!" I couldn't resist. Her grin kind of melted my heart. Why would I miss out on total happiness? I stood up and Erikkah dropped her dishcloth, and I joined in the Flamisian dance, stomping my feet and twirling. 

"You're not often this happy, Ella!" Star 'pointed out', coming inside, dusting leaves off his shoulder. "You look as if you've won the lottery!"

"YOU try!" I answered. Star protested, but then he came and took my hand, followed by Robert, Eethan and Thor. Soon we were all leaping about like three-year-olds at a birthday party; it was so strange. For a moment, I totally forgot where I was. I didn't think- until there was a sharp, ear-piercing noise. Thor cried, and Eethan and Robert looked at each other. Erikkah almost screamed, and she yelled for us all to shut the curtains and hide. Star and I dove behind an armchair, confused. We looked at each other, right in the eyes- something we'd never, ever done before. He looked scared and lost. I was about to reach out for his hand (just to check that he was okay, of course: no other reason), but my thoughts were wrecked by a stupidly loud trumpet, blowing in a certain tune. Erikkah bit her lip, her eyes filling up.

"Not again!" she panicked. "Please don't let this happen again!"

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