Memory Loss - One Direction -

Thoughts constantly cluttered the poor boy's mind. He could have saved her, he could have done something other than sit back and pretend nothing ever happened. He could have saved her from dying.


2. Chapter One

"You know I'll be, your life, your voice, your reason to be!" I hummed along to the tune as I walked around the woods. My parents weren't too fond of me going out here, and I have yet to figure out why. Whenever I try to ask they brush it off and say that it's an old tale about demons and whatnot.

What the hell?

I frowned as I came to a cliff, I don't know why, but I hated this cliff. A few stories have been told about a girl who died falling off it and then she was never seen or heard from again. I don't believe the story though, it seems a little strange. I mean, wouldn't she see it? It's a bit too obvious not to be able to see it. Unless it was dark or something, but who would be so crazy to actually go in here at night time?

I began to walk away from it, but something stopped me. A whimpering sound, almost as if a child was crying. Turning back to the cliff, I could tell it was coming from the bottom of it. I ran to the edge and saw a small brunette girl crying out for help, her eyes overflowing with tears. Her head had a large gash and she was bleeding profusely. 

My shaky hand took out my cellphone to call the police, or someone. But, right as I was about to, the little girl disappeared. A shudder ran throughout my body as I thought of what that could have been. Maybe it was sign that I shouldn't be so quick to judge what had supposedly happened in this very spot. 

I quickly ran from the area, not wanting to see anymore "ghosts". My hands shook as I entered my house, which was a fair walk away from the woods. I heard clattering and began walking towards the kitchen.

"Mum?" I called.

A woman appeared, obviously not my mother. She had a smile on her face as she looked at me, "How are you little missie?"

I jumped when she reached out. A small voice answered her, "I'm quite alright. How are you?"

The woman's smile grew instantly, "I'm fantastic. Now, I'm sure you're hungry. Am I right?"

I kept staring at the woman as she kept talking, "Come on, I just made a fresh batch of cookies for you kids."

"Thanks mum!" A more masculine voice said. A small boy then ran over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He then motioned to me, "Well, aren't you comin' loser?"

I felt a grin come onto my lips, this boy had such confidence. He was obviously close to the girl he was calling a loser because a giggle was heard, and soon a small girl ran out from where I was standing. I stared, wide eyed, at the little girl. 

She turned around and my eyes widened even more. She had no face, she had no nose, nothing.

I let out a scream as a ghostly laugh erupted from her faceless head. 

A hand on my shoulder tried to comfort me and I turned around from the horrifying sight. I turned and saw my mother, she had a worried look on her face as she hushed me. 

"It's alright sweetie. Shh... it's alright."


-Harry's POV-

I walked back into the dressing room, my smile immediately falling as I saw the boys looking at a small square piece of paper. I gulped, i'd recognize that small thing anywhere. Why would they take it from the trash?

"Harry, mind telling us why you're throwing away this photo? Is she a cousin or something?" Liam questioned.

I rolled my eyes, "Nah, she's nothing special. Just some fan that thought it'd be cute to give me her baby picture."

Why did I tell them that? I'm such an idiot, why didn't you just say the truth. Oh right, I can see it now. My stupid mouth would open and I would say something along the lines of, 'Oh her? Yeah, I've had that picture in my wallet for the past 8 years and I just can't get the chick out of my head. She was my best friend and I accidentally let her die in the middle of the night.' Yeah because that will totally go well.

"Sure, because it's not like we haven't seen you gawk at this photo a couple hundred times in the past two years." Louis butted in.

I frowned, "So what? She gave it to me during the X Factor." 

"Mhmm, now how about we hear the truth behind the photo?" Zayn said.

I glared at them, but I knew I couldn't keep it up for long. They all just stared at me expectantly until I cracked.

"Fine." I mumbled, "Her name's Jane Dow. It's spelled with a 'w' not a 'e'. She was my former best friend about 8 years ago. Uh, she was 9 in that picture and it was my 10th birthday. Jane was, uh, a goodie two shoes I guess. Well, one day, I asked her to go star gazing. She rejected me, and-"

"You never saw her again?" Niall cut me off.

"No, she ended up coming, but whilst looking for me... she fell. Off a cliff, and I tried to help her but ended up falling. So... she's uh.. dead."

The boys laughed at me, and I felt my throat close up, a lump forming. I shook my head, "See? That's why I wasn't going to tell you!"

They stopped and stared at me, "Oh yes, because a girl totally fell off a cliff and died. Harry, you're really bad at lying."

I glared at them, "You don't believe me?! That was my best friend and you'd think I'd lie that I fucking killed her?! She fell! Ask my mum! Ask my sister! ASK HOLMES CHAPEL. They know the story all too well." 

"I'm not lying to you guys, got it?" Their eyes went wide.

"You aren't joking?" I shook my head and snatched the photo from their grasp.

"Why would you throw away the picture then Haz?" Louis whispered, not wanting to anger me anymore. 

I sat on the couch and fiddled with my thumbs, "Why do you think? I can't keep moping around about a childhood crush forever, especially Jane. But, no matter how hard I try, she won't leave me alone. Jane this, Jane that. It's always Jane. This, as in singing, was Jane's idea. It was her dream for me to become a singer. I did it for her, I promised her. I told her I'd take her on a jet plane and tour together. I can't move on if I have that stupid picture of her in my wallet all the time. It's not a healthy habit to be in love with a dead girl."

I felt a hand on my shoulder, "Y'know Harry. Just because you throw away the picture won't get rid of her. If you did all this for her, she'd obviously still going to be here. You can't forget about it that easily."

I looked up and saw Zayn smiling at me, sympathetically.

"Also, from what I can tell. This wasn't like a 'Hey I like you.' kind of crush Harry. You were obviously head of heels, or head over converse, in love with this girl." I shrugged.

"Guys, can we just stop talking about her now?" I asked, standing up.

"Yeah, let's go get some food." Niall said, changing the subject.

We all looked at each other and agreed, "Food it is then!"


Heeeeyyyy, did you like the chapter? I hope so.



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