It's Called Love

I put it as romance but it is a romantic comedy.
Kaitlyn goes to Paris because it is the city of love and she is looking for love. She searches for days but all she finds is a bunch of cheap guys who aren't looking for love. Along the way she makes a bunch of friends Abigail,Emily, and Sofia. She thinks it is hopeless until Max comes into her life and even though he isn't looking for love will she change his mind?


1. me

Kaitlyn P.O.V

HI. My name is Kaitlyn Peters I am a brunette with hazel green eyes. I am 19 years old and I am looking for love. Since Paris is known as the city of love I am going to be able to see if I can meet my soul mate there so know I am on a plane yo Paris France and I am next to a chatty Cathy. Literally her name is Cathy and she is very chatty. But still she is very nice so I am talking to her about why I am going to Paris.



Sorry its short next chapter will be a little longer.

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