Delilah and Louis had only see eachothers faces once and that was all it took, her parents sent her away to some fancy school in NYC , and he lives in the fastlane, his life changes every second. Ever since that day, they can't stop thinking of eachother...

-DELILAH! her friend screams, that was the name Louis will never forget.

Distance will be their enemy.


9. Uncovering the truth

Back home, or the place where I live with some liars…

“So, now care to explain? Or should I go under another attack to find out something about that stupid guy.”

“No, no, no…” my dad said with his eyes on the ground.

“Ok, so you have 1 second before I leave this house for good” I said, meaning every word.

“No please don’t” my mom said with watery eyes.

“You see, when I first met your mother I was working as a police officer, on the teen section” my dad said “after your mum and I decided it was time to get married, we found out that your mum supposedly wasn’t going to be able to have kids, ever. It was really hard for us to hear such a thing, but we get going with our life”

“One day your dad came home and talk to me about a 13 year old boy who got arrested for shop-lifting; nothing serious he stole a chocolate bar; he asked me what I thought if we adopted him” my mum tried to explain.

“Why wouldn’t his family have him back or something?” I asked confused.

“His family was dead, they died in a fire two years before he got arrested, and he was living alone in what remained of his house” my dad explained “So when I read his profile at the station I thought it would be nice if he had a new family, and he was really happy after I told her my idea”

“So I agreed with your father, and a couple of days later he moved in with us; he lived her for about 2 and a half years, when I found out I was pregnant. That same day one of his aunts contacted your dad, and asked if she could have him, since it was the only member of her family she had left, your dad said yes, and Rick didn’t oppose. Three months later, you and your sister where born and he was suffering with his aunt, he asked if he could move back with us, but I got fired and we had to say no, so he came the next morning and told us that he was going to make sure that we didn’t enjoy…” mum broke down crying, that’s when I realized I was crying too.

“He said that he was going to make sure we didn’t enjoy our time with our kids, as his father did with his mother” my dad finished the story.

By the time he said his last words we were all in tears, I felt so bad. I treated my parents like lairs and they are only trying to protect me. I was completely wrong, and I couldn’t handle to see my parents like this.

“Is that why you want me to go to the United States to study?” I asked. They simply nodded. “It’s ok; I understand why you where silent about this all, it’s just that I feel bad for some reason I can’t explain right now”

“No worries honey, it’s better now that you know, and please don’t get mad at us, we just want you to be safe” dad said.

“We can’t even imagine our lives without you, I love you” mum said hugging me tight.

“I’m sorry I acted like a complete idiot earlier today, but…” My voice broke and I started crying like a maniac, this was just too much for 25 minutes of chat.

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