Delilah and Louis had only see eachothers faces once and that was all it took, her parents sent her away to some fancy school in NYC , and he lives in the fastlane, his life changes every second. Ever since that day, they can't stop thinking of eachother...

-DELILAH! her friend screams, that was the name Louis will never forget.

Distance will be their enemy.


6. secrets

Delilah’s P. O. V

I got dressed and grabbed my make up hoping that my friends wouldn’t notice all the scratches in my face from yesterday, I’m still not ready for explanations. My stomach was hurting, so I went downstairs to grab some breakfast; I was going down as I heard my mom and dad talking.

“She asked me about Rick!” mom said, almost screaming.

“Did you gave her any answers?” dad asked.

“No, she wouldn’t believe me, and if she did trusted me, then she would never forgive us” she said coldly.

“I was scared that something like this would happen, but I didn’t wanted it to be this soon”

I fell into the ground, my legs were shaking, that’s when my parents stopped talking and the expression in their faces softened.

“Honey are you alright?” mom asked running towards the stairs.

“Yes, I just missed a step” I said, coldly, I knew they were hiding something from me, and I didn’t like it.

The rest of the breakfast went on quietly, no one said a word, we all knew that it was not right to speak now. The trip to the school was silent, dad and I minding our own stuff.

(Later at school)

“Oh! Look who is wearing makeup today” Mandy said, making all my other friends pay attention at me.

“Shh! I don’t want people to look at me! Come I need to tell you a lot of things!” I said whispering.

We went to a table near the gym, usually people don’t come around here in the morning.

“What happened, why don’t you want people to pay attention to you?” she asked confused.

“This” I said rolling my sleeves up, letting my bruises show, they were a bit darker today, and the scratches were healing already

“WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? Lucas did this to you? Because if he did I will…” I interrupted her.

“NO! It wasn’t him! I was walking home yesterday after Cara’s birthday party, and some guys were there too… things just went the wrong way, and then when I thought it was going to get worst a guy saved me…” I paused trying to figure out how to say what is going next “do you believe in soul mates and love at first sight?”

“Kind of, why?”

“Yesterday at the festival, the guy I was talking to, I felt something, somehow I felt complete, save and connected to him”


“Well, the guy that saved me fell into the ground next to me and told me to run, it was his voice, I felt the connection again, but I was just too afraid to look at him. And I hear his voice… It’s scary and weird but it feels right at the same time”

“You know, I’ll trust you because I love you to death, and because I know you wouldn’t make up a story like this” she said, not very convinced, but it was enough for me.

“Oh! And other thing I forgot to tell you yesterday… I’m going to New York, after we fish school, I’ll go to university there”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, they told me two days ago”

“You sound like you don’t want to go there”

“It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I don’t want to leave” that’s when it hit me, if my parents were talking today and they stopped when they heard me, the that might have to do with going to New York next year.

“The bell is about to ring, we should go to class, its Mrs. Cox class.”

They day was going normal, boring sometimes, others I was just trying to connect the dots in my head and nothing made complete sense. It was in the third lesson before leaving school when I got a text from my mom, so I went to the bathroom and read it.

“I’ll pick you up, the police station called and they want you to recognize the guy from yesterday. At night dad and I want to talk to you. Love”

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