Delilah and Louis had only see eachothers faces once and that was all it took, her parents sent her away to some fancy school in NYC , and he lives in the fastlane, his life changes every second. Ever since that day, they can't stop thinking of eachother...

-DELILAH! her friend screams, that was the name Louis will never forget.

Distance will be their enemy.


7. recognizing Louis's POV

I am not ready to see his face again, not even ready to talk to my parents… it seems like my life is in its deepest point after Ally’s death, the pain, fear, nerves and anxiety it’s just too big for me to handle. The bell brought me back to reality, two lessons left to the end of the day I went back to the class room and picked up my bag and books.

“Alright guys, today we don’t have much to do, get out your books and work on pages 45 to 53, you can do it in groups” English teacher said.

Immediately I felt Mandy’s eyes on me, so I just smiled and walked towards her, soon our other friends joined.

“So… Have you received any acceptance letters from university?” Tina asked anxiously.

“Two, yesterday… hopefully I’ll get the others soon” Mandy answered.

“I’m taking a break next year, so no letters for me” Ellie said “what about you Lilah?”

“I… My parents gave me the news two days ago, I’m going to a University in USA” I said, not very happy about it

“WHAT” they all said together.

“Yeah, I’m no thrilled by the idea, but, its all done, I’m leaving in 6 months”

“Oh… can we visit you?” Tina asked

“Sure! I’ll need my friends!”

“Ok, and if you find any good looking guys, save one for me” Mandy said, typical.

“Girls, I’m leaving in 6 months not 6 days, so chill!”

The rest of the class we did our normal girly chat, by the time the bell to indicate the end of school day rang, I was scared, not really sure of what would happen.

Louis’s P.O.V

3:00 pm, at the police station

“Hello, I’m Louis Tomlinson; I got a called last night from officer Jearou”

“Take a seat, she’ll be right here in a minute” said a funny looking guy behind the counter, quickly getting up and into a little office to his left.

“Hello Mr. Tomlinson, my name is Jennifer Jearou, please come in I’ve got a couple questions to ask before we proceed” said a tall blond woman with a kind smile. “Please sit down”

“Thanks” I said, doing what she said.

“So, Louis right? Is it alright if I called you like that?” She asked. I nodded in response. “Why did you called us, and then run away?”

“I was confused and… scared. I needed to get out of there as soon as possible”

“I see, are 100% sure that you didn’t recognize the girl that was there with them?”

“Yes ma’am”

“Do you have any other information that might be relevant for the case?”

“No, sorry” I said, trying to remember any details.

“Alright so please now I’m going to show you some pictures and I would like you to tell me if you recognize someone”

Picture 1: No

Picture 2: No

Picture 3: No

Picture 4: Yes

“That’s him” I said, my voice weakly sounding through my throat.

“Alright thank you very much” she said “If we need anything else we’ll call you back”

“Sure, good bye.”

3: 45 I’m out of the station, all of the memories from yesterday flooding my head.

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