Delilah and Louis had only see eachothers faces once and that was all it took, her parents sent her away to some fancy school in NYC , and he lives in the fastlane, his life changes every second. Ever since that day, they can't stop thinking of eachother...

-DELILAH! her friend screams, that was the name Louis will never forget.

Distance will be their enemy.


2. It's him...

-Hi, I’m Louis, I’m from Doncaster are you sure you're alright? You look like you have just seen a ghost

- I’m fine, I can't fine my friend- I said after catching my breath, his face, his eyes... He is the guy from my dream
- What's your name love?
-DELILAH! Come here quick!- Amanda showed up and was dragging me back with her when I looked back, he was gone, like the wind
- who was that hottie you where talking to?
-i don't know, we was asking for the bathroom
-oh, next time ask for names, i need a boy
-then don't leave me alone, by the way, what were you pulling me for?
-oh! This look, they have all the collection of The Beatles Album's

-great, buy them, you should! - Mandy is a massive fan of them, I'm not a big fan of any group...

I need to find that Louis guy, and get to know him better, there is something about him that means a lot to me, but I need to find what it is.

-it's time to go Lilah, I don't want your boyfriend to hate me for taking you away from him for more than 3 hours- she made a face

-he's not like that... Maybe- I laughed.

At Lucas’s house

"Happy birthday dear Cara, happy birthday to you! Woooooooo" we all sang, she was turning 16 this year, "the best year of your life" her mother said I don't really believe that since that was the worst year of mi whole existence.

** flashback **
-What is our surprise!!?!?!??!!!!! - Allyson asked mom for the millionth time in the past half hour.

Allyson Stevens the name of my twin sister, she was just like me, long brown wavy hair, white skin, and big blue eyes just like my mother's mines are green, like my father's.
-Hold on, you will see- my mom answered
-I can't wait that long, anxiety is killing me.
-give it a break Ally, the one that's going to die is me, but because of you- i said, in the most serious tone I could
-I’m sorry sister- she jumped over me, pulling my cheeks, acting like a 5 year old
-move, you are being annoying
-no no, not until you forgive me
-GIRLS STOP SCREAMING- mom said from the drivers seat
-I forgive you, now move
-thank you sister, I LOOOOVE YOU
-Allyson, Delilah, fasten your seatbelts -mom said in a ver scared and unusual voice
-MOM? What’s wrong!?- I asked scared, tears falling from my eyes.
-honey I...

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