Dark love

Nina has to leave everything. She has to say goodbye to her friends,her school and even her boyfriend of six months. Her family is moving her to Paris,the city of love. Little does Nina know Paris is also has a lot of darkness. Vampires,werewolf's,witches,and vampire/werewolf hybrids. She try's to tell her parents, but no one believes a 16 year old. Now stuck with no one who believes her . One night she meets a guy who she likes. Little does she know he's the very thing she fears And despises the most, a vampire. Now she has figure out if she can love and trust him or is he just like all other vampires. Can she trust him or will he kill her like all vampires do.


6. Now do you believe me?

         Clarissa almost chokes on her food as she laughs. I feel dumb asking the question but I had to know if she believed in them. I knew they were real but did she.

         "I know it's a dumb question. I saw proof this morning in an all that they exist. There was a woman with two bite marks on her neck. Her body was completely drained of blood. I saw it so I know they exist. Please believe me," I say and plead but I know she won't she won't believe me. At that moment I feel like an even freak.

         "You must have imagined it. They don't exist. They are fictional charecters. Are felling alright? You don't seem like someone who believes in vampires," she said looking at me like I was crazy.

         "They do exist. I'm not crazy. I saw the proof. It was right there laying right in front of me. I freaked out and ran away. I saw it. This city isn't just the city of love, it's the city of darkness. This city has everything I fear and despise. This city is full of vampires!"as I say the last word I slam my hand down on the table and stand up. Everyone stares at me and I give a small, awkward smile and sit back down.

          "I think you are just tired. You had a long car ride here and you had to set up your room, you need some sleep."

           I agreed with her even though I know what I saw was real. I didn't just see it because I was tired. I was fully awake when I walked past that alleyway. I just didnt feel like fighting. We left the cafeteria and started walking to my house.

           On our way to my house, we had to pass the alley where I saw the woman. I didn't say anything to Clarissa, just in case the woman was still there. We pass it and I check down there and the woman has disappeared. I figure that the police had found the body and took it away. I didn't mind. Maybe they could find the killer. What was I thinking? The killer was a vampire, they would never find the killer.

            We continue to walk, when we hear a snarl from behind us. We turn around and right in front of us is vampire with its fangs bared. Me and Clarissa turn around and start to run, but there he is again in front of us. We start to back away slowly. We are barely breathing. The vampire starts to charge at us. Before he reaches us, a huge wolf swipes him out the way. A werewolf. We run away as the two fight. We run to my house.

            When we get there, we are both out of breath. I sit down on the concrete sidewalk. When I gain my breath back, I look at Clarissa and say,"Now do you believe me?" 


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