Dark love

Nina has to leave everything. She has to say goodbye to her friends,her school and even her boyfriend of six months. Her family is moving her to Paris,the city of love. Little does Nina know Paris is also has a lot of darkness. Vampires,werewolf's,witches,and vampire/werewolf hybrids. She try's to tell her parents, but no one believes a 16 year old. Now stuck with no one who believes her . One night she meets a guy who she likes. Little does she know he's the very thing she fears And despises the most, a vampire. Now she has figure out if she can love and trust him or is he just like all other vampires. Can she trust him or will he kill her like all vampires do.


2. New house new school

     I walk into the house and I'm not amazed. My mother comes up to me and asks me if I liked it. I don't even say a word and just nod. She smiled and walked off to get the rest of the boxes.

     I walk up the stairs to the third floor and pick a room. I choose the biggest room. I set down my box that has my special belongings. Mostly posters of Imagine Dragons and other posters of my favorite movies. These are the things I love the most of all my things. I grab some tape and start to cover the dirt stained walls with the posters. I get somewhat occupied  while I put them up. I doesn't last long before my mom comes and finds what room I chose and comes in. 

     "I see your getting settled in just fine," she pauses and looks around, then she catches my posters and makes a task sound,"Why do you like those posters? They are so gothic and just not you."

      "Yes they are like me. I love the bands and the movies. And they are certainly not gothic. They are  just how I want them and I'm not taking them down. We are not going to argue about them either. We always argue about everything and don't want to argue today. I want to set up my room in peace please mother." 

       With that last wOrd she looks hurt and I start to feel bad. Before u can say anything she walks out the room and I can hear hr say something to Father. I close the door and finish hanging up the posters. When I'm almost done at the corner of my eye I see something pass by the window that was human-like. I go to check it out and get a chill. There is no one in sight. I pass it off as a figure of my imagination. 

         I open the box with my clothes and start to hang them in the huge walk in closet. The closet alone is the size of my old room. I start hanging them up and hit a hollow  place in the wall when I hit my elbow. I search with my hands and find a latch. I ease it open and it squeaks a lot. When it  is all the way open I see its a secret compartment. There's nothing inside but i was intrigued that there was a compartment. I was thinking that I could use it to hide valuables that I don't want my little cousins to get. Or maybe I could even put a diary in there or secret notes from friends. Wait first I need to make some friends.

         I keep thinking and thinking. Who would want me as a friend. I'm a nobody. I'm an outsider.

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