Dark love

Nina has to leave everything. She has to say goodbye to her friends,her school and even her boyfriend of six months. Her family is moving her to Paris,the city of love. Little does Nina know Paris is also has a lot of darkness. Vampires,werewolf's,witches,and vampire/werewolf hybrids. She try's to tell her parents, but no one believes a 16 year old. Now stuck with no one who believes her . One night she meets a guy who she likes. Little does she know he's the very thing she fears And despises the most, a vampire. Now she has figure out if she can love and trust him or is he just like all other vampires. Can she trust him or will he kill her like all vampires do.


4. New friend

        I ran all the way to school.I didn't want to risk the chance of the vampire seeing me with the woman. I was still in disbelief that were real. Vampires are real I said over and over in my mind. Every time I tried to chase the thought off , it came back. All I could keep thinking is the proof, the proof.

       I reminded myself that today was my first day at my new school, Paris High. I thought about my best friend and my boyfriend. I missed them so much. Yeah me and my boyfriend broke up because I moved so far, but we were still good friends and I still called him my boyfriend now and then. 

       I walked up the steps and sat on a bench that was there. I looked up when I saw someone in front of me. I could tell when she started to speak she was already to perky.

       "Hi! I'm Melina. I know your new here by your expression. You'll love it here. It's Paris the city of love....."

        "And darkness," I mumbled under my breath.

        "What? Oh, some people say that but it's not true. I got to go. See ya later," she says as she skips away.

         I sit thinking why she is so perky, when another starts to come up to me. I take a look and we are wearing almost the same outfits and our hair and make up is the same too. The only difference is she's wearing a Twilight shirt and not an Imagine Dragons shirt. She sits next to me. 

         "That was Melina Jenks. She is the most popular and perkiness girl in school. How she gained that status I don't know. By the way I'm Clarissa," she says to me.

         "I'm Nina. And that girl is just way to perky. And I see you like twilight. I live that movie too, " I said feeling like a had a true friend again.

          "Yeah I love twilight. I see you like Imagine Dragons. That band rocks,"a bell sounds,"We got to go that was the first bell."

         She grabbed my arm and we ran to first period. Clarissa and I have every class together. We both agreed to be friends. We both agreed to be friends. We are both outsiders and love all the same things. I feel like I fit in, we'll with her at least. 

          In not alone anymore. I fit In with someone. I have a new friend.

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