Dark love

Nina has to leave everything. She has to say goodbye to her friends,her school and even her boyfriend of six months. Her family is moving her to Paris,the city of love. Little does Nina know Paris is also has a lot of darkness. Vampires,werewolf's,witches,and vampire/werewolf hybrids. She try's to tell her parents, but no one believes a 16 year old. Now stuck with no one who believes her . One night she meets a guy who she likes. Little does she know he's the very thing she fears And despises the most, a vampire. Now she has figure out if she can love and trust him or is he just like all other vampires. Can she trust him or will he kill her like all vampires do.


5. Do you....

         Clarissa and I walk to lunch together. It takes us about five minutes because its in the other side of the school. On our way to the cafeteria we tell each other things about us . I told of my home back in Rome and how I hate my parents for moving me here. It felt like I was in Rome talking to my best friend.

          We walked in the cafeteria and I felt like everyone was watching me. No one was , but I still felt uncomfortable. Again I felt like an outsider. To everyone I was weird and creepy but then I remember I'm me and no none is going to change that. I will not have this be like my old school, where I wanted to fit in so bad I pretended to be someone else. Only my best friend knew the real me.

           We find a table and just talk. Now she tells me about her. She says she's from America but that she was adopted after her parents died when she was four months old. She tells me how close she is to her mom and how her dad doesn't like her scene look. I feel bad for her she barley knows her real mom and dad. And now her dad doesn't like how she is. 

          While she's talking I see a handsome guy walk by and I can't help but stare. He has black hair and has a six pack that you can see through his tight shirt. He has the most amazing face outline. His cheekbone is sculpted perfect. He is the sexiest guy I've ever seen and I want him to be mine. He seems to stare back at me when he sits down but then looks away to talk to his friends. I still stare at him.

           "That's Connor Hunt. Most popular guy in the school. Every girl wants him to be theirs , even I did at one time. Got over it though I came to my senses," Clarissa says, breaking me my from my stare. 

            "Is he taken cause I'm gonna make him mine," I said with determination in my voice.

           "No he's not taken but he doesn't even look at people like us. Don't try you'll only get hurt."

            "Ok but if he talks to me I'm going after him."

            "Fair enough."

            We sit there for a while then I remember I had to tell her something. I turn to her and ask her a simple question.

             "Do you believe in vampires?" I said in a serious yet funny manor. 

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