Dark love

Nina has to leave everything. She has to say goodbye to her friends,her school and even her boyfriend of six months. Her family is moving her to Paris,the city of love. Little does Nina know Paris is also has a lot of darkness. Vampires,werewolf's,witches,and vampire/werewolf hybrids. She try's to tell her parents, but no one believes a 16 year old. Now stuck with no one who believes her . One night she meets a guy who she likes. Little does she know he's the very thing she fears And despises the most, a vampire. Now she has figure out if she can love and trust him or is he just like all other vampires. Can she trust him or will he kill her like all vampires do.


3. All the proof I need

        It is 5:30am when I wake up I am tired and I don't want to start my first day of school. I'm dreading having to get up and face the new world. I don't want to get dressed. I don't want to do my hair. And I don't want to walk down stairs and face my parents and have them say I'm gonna love my new school. I know they are one hundred percent wrong. I won't love it in fact I know I'm going to hate it.

        I finally get enough strength to get out of bed and get ready. I head to my closet and pick out a pair of jeans and a tight Imagine Dragons t-shirt. I pull my hair back into a bun. Next I add my eyeliner and my black eyeshadow and I finally finish my makeup off with a lot of mascara. I'm not dressing to impress anyone today in gonna be myself. I don't care what people think. I head to my closet and grab my black converse. I slip them on, grab my backpack and head downstairs and out the door before my parents can say anything.

         On my way to school I get that sensation again. But this time it has another feeling like someone's watching me. Again I shrug it off. But then as I round a corner I see a body laying on the hard concrete. It looked lifeless to me. As I near the body I see something in the neck. I get a closer look and they are two little marks with blood coming from them as well as her arms and legs. 

        I gasp and jump back. No this can't be, I think to myself. There can't be any. They are fictional characters they don't exist. There are no such things as vampires. But here is all the proof. A woman with teeth marks on her neck with almost no blood in her body. They are real,they have to be laying in front of me is all the proof I need. I run out of the ally leaving the body. 

       I must be going insane. They can't be real they can't be. But I truly know the answer and it is one i don't want to believe but I have to. There are vampires in this beautiful city and  I know they are hungry for human blood and their next meal might be me.



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