Sing With Your Heart

5 girls and 5 boys addition for the x- factor.
Those girls are Riley , Michelle , Avery ,
Julie and Kendra . Hose boys are Liam ,
Zany , Harry , Niall and Louis . They all
get in and they haft to all share a big
mansion. Will all of them fall for the boys?
Or will they reject them ? Read to find out ?


5. Go Away

Kendra's POV 



I cant Belive It . We we're best friends since we were little , we went to summer camp one year, in the middle of summer he had to move  he promised  we would keep in contact  with each other we were both 14 if you we're wondering but now were both 18 . After 2 weeks he moved , i tried to call him , he answerd but he just said ' oh hi ken ( i forgot to mesion ken was louis nickname for kendra and lou or bou bear was louis nick name for kendra ) , hi niall how's it going , oh sorry i cant talk right now bye ' and that was the end . I tried to skpe him several time , call hime , text him but he just said something like this ' oh sorry got to go' I am so mad at him . U have know idea . Only my friends and my mom dad and brother know that story not any one else .  Did i mesion i have  brother , His name is Sean , he is 22 and he has a girlfriend named Brooklynn . ' so there will be five groups one boy and one girl , i forgot to say this season is are group season . So that means you will be writing and performing songs together .  Us judges we aready made the groups ' simon finished saying . ' First group is Niall and Avery , Liam and Riley , Harry and Julie , Michelle and Zayn And Kendra and Louis . Wait what . AN : I hope YOU liked this chapter . I will update a soon as possible .


xx Michelle

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