Sing With Your Heart

5 girls and 5 boys addition for the x- factor.
Those girls are Riley , Michelle , Avery ,
Julie and Kendra . Hose boys are Liam ,
Zany , Harry , Niall and Louis . They all
get in and they haft to all share a big
mansion. Will all of them fall for the boys?
Or will they reject them ? Read to find out ?


2. Flying and Complaining

Julies Pov All five of us are flying to California since we all live in London. We were gonna arrive at the auditions in about 3 more hour . ' Are we almost there' Kendra complains. ' Well we still have 2 hours on the plain left plus we haft to drive to the house were staying in and drop of are laugage and another half hour to get to the x-factor auditions' said Avery.' Stop complaining' I said.'Just eat a bag of peanuts' said Avery. AN: sorry this chapter was so short I will update as soon as possible


xx Michelle

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