This fanfiction is written by to girls who love 1D and it's inspired on others fanfictions.

We hope you like it :)


1. Introduction

Scarlet seems Happy. Always smiling and trying new things.


But in the inside she feels useless...


In one way or another she needs to get money to help her sister, Zoey who needs it to her medical treatment. So she decides to join business with pleasure and audition to x-factor us.


Scarlet used to sing a lot, but when she found out about her sister disease she stopped. But now she needs to start  singing again.


But it won't be so easy as it seems, not everything will be a bed of roses.


What will happen if she loses? 


And what will happen when she falls in love with her mentor and they start seeing each other secretly? Because relations between mentors and contests are strictly forbidden.


Will she be able to deal with fame, love, hate and the fear of losing someone?


Will she just give up on everything?

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