Meet. * book one of the night and day series*

Twins Allison and Olivia were separated at birth but when they unexpectedly meet in an alleyway they awaken a great evil. The twins and their warriors must save the world but how much can a group of 16 year olds do ?


1. Olivia

I ran down the narrow alleyway not looking back I had twenty minutes to get to school suddenly a girl smashed into me falling to the ground " whoah sorry I- oh my god we have the same face " I screamed. When she stood up I noticed were the same exact Height " when's your birthday ?" She asked me . " December twelfth 1997" I replied scrunching my eyebrows " me too you know what this means ? We're twins !" She exclaimed wow she must like to make the best out of every situation " We can't be twins I'm an only child " I replied thank god she looked as confused as I felt " I got it ! " she exclaimed " You live with your mom don't you " she said without question like she already knew the answer " yeah I do - and oh god I'm gonna be late umm Skype me at Olivia2334 and well figure this whole thing out okay ? Okay bye" I said turning around " I'm Allison by the way " she yelled right before I ran . 




" Miss Montgomery your late" said my language arts teacher without looking up from her book " Sorry mrs Adams " I replied walking to my seat " now back to the lesson " she said loudly glaring at me gosh I hated her " the prophecy was made 100's of years ago by jakes very great grandfather " she smiled at jake everyone started clapping while jake shook his head smiling he was probably one of the hottest guys I've ever met  " so here it goes" mrs Adams started as the cheering wore off " the twins who seperate at birth but meet at dawn awake a heat evil ant meet and strengthen it at part one represents day one represents night their warriors represent earth , wind, water , and fire and complete with their prophecer the night and the prophecers bond will tighten making the warriors stronger either saving the world or ending it ." She finished all of the sudden jake started violently shaking "Don't move " yelled  Mrs. Adams We all sat still our eyes probably popping out of our heads " What do you see jake ?" Asked mrs Adams fascinated " the twin she-she's here " he stopped with a hault and looked at me " you your one if them you met her today didn't you " you said with shaky breaths "m-me that's " I paused " not impossible " I whispered " class" called mrs Adams " Olivia Montgomery and jake night the first two of the great prophecy " the class roared with cheers then everyone started whispering except jake and I who kept our eyes interlocked I need to talk to Allison. And I need to talk to her now. 

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