Can't Hold Us

You Remember us? Well its Chloe and Caitlyn, duh! Remember getting kidnapped, running, laughing, being put in the hospital, and almost dying? Well, we do. We also have some new members to our family. As in children, wait children as in real human beings! Well yes, you can't just expect us to stay virgins forever! So yes we have two children each, and yes one boy one girl each. The sad thing is our children go a little... crazy I guess you could say. Just read the damn story to find out about their fucked up adventures!


2. Propsals and Children

Our family is quite... big, I guess is the correct term. See right now me and Cait are 38 years old with two children each. They are all 16 years old. My children are named Skye Lynn Horan(girl) and Jacob James Horan (boy). Caitlyn has Arabelle Lynn Payne (girl) and Carson James Payne (boy). And Louis has two children named Alea Morgan Tomlinson(girl) and Michael William Tomlinson (boy).

"CHLOE! You weren't suppose to tell them that yet!"

"Sorry!!! I was excited!"

"Okay okay, at least let me tell them about the proposals."

"WHAT! Not fair.... fine."

"Thank you."

Okay well Liam's proposal to me was on my first big movie premiere, remember the movie with Cody Simpson. Well as we were on the red carpet, me and Chloe were taking pictures and this little Alaskan Klee Kai ran up to me. I bent down and the dogs tag said turn around. So when I turned around Liam was on one knee. Most romantic thing ever!

"Its cause Im a romantic guy."

"Yes Liam, yes you are." (Kiss Liam)

"PDA PDA. NOT In front of the children!!!"

"Louis!" (Liam runs after him)

Well to continue Niall's proposal to Chloe was SOOOOOOO cute. Okay well at our rehersal dinner Niall said to bring out the cake. He grabbed Chloe's hand and led her up to the cake. It was a ring box with a ring in it. Chloe cocked her head to the side and turned around to Niall on one knee with a guitar singing an original song. Then finally pulling out the real ring box.

"It was magical!"

"I know Chloe, I know."

"Can we tell them how our children were made?"


"Alrighty then."


"No we are not!" (runs to the kitchen)

Well last but not least Louis! Now your thinking aw he married Eleanor. WRONG. (No offense to Eleanor I absolutally love her!) Louis and her separated on good terms. Then Lou met Olivia McGarret at the Aquarium here out in London. Long story short. His proposal was a Dolphin swimming over to her and Lou with a box on its nose during one of her shows. Louis picked it up and got on one knee proposing to her and OBVIOUSALLY she said yes.

"And I love her with all of my heart."

"I know this Lou."

"Can we get on with it?"

"Hold on Hazza!"

"Can I say it!"

"Sure Chlo."

Okay well here is the story of our 16 year old children, well being themselves and getting into trouble, partying, and sneaking out!

"geez make our children sound bad!"

"Well its the truth!"

"I guess so."

"THE GRILL IS ON FIRE!" (everyone run outside with Harry)

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