Can't Hold Us

You Remember us? Well its Chloe and Caitlyn, duh! Remember getting kidnapped, running, laughing, being put in the hospital, and almost dying? Well, we do. We also have some new members to our family. As in children, wait children as in real human beings! Well yes, you can't just expect us to stay virgins forever! So yes we have two children each, and yes one boy one girl each. The sad thing is our children go a little... crazy I guess you could say. Just read the damn story to find out about their fucked up adventures!


22. Dinner with a side of surprise

Skye's POV

 I nodded and let go of his hand. "So Ryder where were you?" Ed asked Ryder. Ryder just smiled at him.

"Well I was out with my friend and girlfriend here," Ryder explained to his dad. I nearly choked. "Now if you don't excuse us I need to get them settled in, but they are only staying for a few days," Ryder said picking up my bag.

"The heck Ryder," I whispered as we walked up the stairs. "Im not your girlfriend," I whispered yelled.

"I know I know, but my father doesn't like it when my friends that are girls stays the night, so I improvised," Ryder said opening a door to his room.

"Well what about Jacob?" I asked as he set my bag down.

"Well duh he is my friend, and so he will be staying in the guest room, that way my dad won't suspect anything," Ryder explained showing Jacob to his room.

"Jeez Skye could have told me you two were dating," Jacob said setting his bag down. I crossed my arms rolling my eyes. "Any ways what are we going to do now?" Jacob asked. I shrugged turning to Ryder.

"We are going to go out with my dad for dinner," Ryder said smiling. "And its fancy so wear something nice," Ryder said winking. I grunted walking out of the guest room and into Ryder's room looking through my bag.

"Why did I even do this?" I whispered to myself. I pulled out my lace keyhole belted skater dress. 

"Looks good, but I bet it will look even better when you put it on," Ryder said walking into his room. I turned and gave him a sarcastic smile.

"Well, it doesn't matter, I can't believe I am doing this for you," I said standing up.

"Well I didn't know it was that bad to fake date me," Ryder said trying to pretended to be offended.

"I never said that," I said walking into the bathroom. I slipped the dress on and pout my hair into a french braid. When I walked out my mouth dropped.

"Skye Lynn Horan, will you be my girlfriend?" Ryder asked on one knee, opening up a box to reveal a beautiful diamond necklace. "I would have asked you at dinner, but then you know my dad would know and stuff..." Ryder said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Yes," I whispered. Ryder looked at me confused, but then it turned into a smile. He took the necklace out and put it on my neck.

"See now we aren't lying," Ryder whispered into my ear. A shiver ran down my back and I giggled.

"You know your crazy right," I said turning to face Ryder. He pretended to think for a moment then nodded.

"But Im okay with that," Ryder said pulling me in for a slow passionate kiss. When he pulled away I couldn't stop smiling. "Ready?" Ryder asked holding out his arm. I lopped my arm with his.

"Ready," I said as he led me out of his room. When we walked out I saw Jacob just exiting his room.

"Ready lovers?" Jacob asked. I stuck my tongue out and Ryder just laughed.

"Ready when you are," Ryder said leading me downstairs. When we got downstairs Ed was on the couch watching tv. "Ready Dad?" Ryder asked. Ed turned off the tv and stood up.

"Yes, and by the way Skye you look just like your mother," Ed said as we walked towards the door.

"Thanks," I said looking down.

~~ Skipping Dinner~~ Really Lazy and my arm is killing me~~

After dinner Ed insisted on taking us to the club, I guess your never to old to party. "Well Im going to get going, text me when you need to be picked up," Ed said pulling up to the side of the club.

"See ya Dad," Ryder said shutting his door. Jacob looked around and smiled.

"Well see you guys later," Jacob said entering the club. I rolled my eyes laughing.

"Come on Babe," Ryder said taking my hand leading me into the club. "Want something to drink?" Ryder asked. I nodded and he walked away. I sighed and looked around. 

"Hey beautiful," I heard someone say. I turned around to see a guy trying to dance with me.

"Excuse me," I said shoving him in the chest. He then looked at me with anger and pushed me back knocking me over. "Hey!" I yelled as I hit the ground. I looked up to then watch Ryder punch the man in the face. He then turned to me helping me up.

"You alright?" Ryder asked me. I nodded rubbing my butt.

"my butt hurts but I will be fine," I said smiling. Ryder laughed along leading me over to the bar.


Ryder's POV

 After a couple of drinks I noticed Skye was a little bit drunk. "Skye?" I asked her. She turned to me smiling.

"Lets dance!" Skye said tugging on my arm. I couldn't help but laugh. She is already drunk.

"Skye I think we need to get you home," I said standing up. She pouted then it turned into an evil grin. She then darted towards the dance floor. I grunted and followed her. "Skye!" I yelled for her. I then saw her dancing with another guy. I walked up to him. "Excuse me," I said angry.

"Yes," He asked pushing Skye behind him.

"Thats my girlfriend," I said through gritted teeth. He just chuckled.

"Well I need her more then you," he said poking my chest. I cocked my head to the side.

"Im Zak, pleasure to meet you," He said with an evil grin.


NOTE~ AHHHHHH Best Song Ever is coming out tomorrow and Im like OMG!!!!!!!! Love you all and hopefully I can type tomorrow!!!

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